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Take Ten with Purab kohli

Take Ten with Purab kohli

Published: Sunday,Sep 21, 2008 12:46 PM GMT-06:00
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Take Ten

Favorite Clothes- Jeans and a T-shirt

Favorite Sport- Football

Favorite Word- I often use the word Ass

Favorite Drink- Water, when I sip it

Favorite Pass time- playing with my dogs

Favorite Inspiring quote- Life always leaves you with 2 choices, first you can sit and mourn about it and second you and get up and do something about it… Good One... it was said by a 21 old to a 7 year old and I loved it.

Favorite Movie-  Shawshank redemption

Favorite Compliment- "You are the soul of the film"

Favorite Thing about India- The Diversity, yet the similarity! I had the opportunity of travelling the whole length and breadth of India through channel V, because I use to do their travel shows and one of them involved driving around the whole country, where I drove 26,000 kilometers. I do that now also, I mean I take my car and travel as far as I can go. The last trip was in April with my father, we went through Gujarat. And one more thing, we have soo many gems in our country, I think people should go out and appreciate a little bit, instead of being stuck and caught up in their own spaces as whole. I love India as a whole nothing specific.

Favorite Car- Right now I drive an Inova, that's a nice car to drive around in the country.

Purab Kohli

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