Take Ten: Luke Kenny

Take Ten: Luke Kenny

Hey Friends!! We sit down with the dashing and talented VJ turned actor Luke Kenny who was recently seen in ROCK ON!! for a quick rapid fire on his favorites....Find out more about what Luke likes only in The Bolly Curry Take Ten Round!


Favorite Band - Beatles
Favorite Instrument - Guitar
Favorite Music - Rock
Favorite Movie - City light
Favorite Food - Vegetarian
Favorite Co-star - Right now for me my 3 band members: Farhan, Purab, Arjun, when I will do more films may be someone else.
Favorite Gadget - Anything that is an apple product ipod or iphone etc
Favorite Pass time - Music and watching films
Favorite Color - Red
Favorite Quotation - Is to take a tag line from my film and apply it to my life that is �live your dream�

That's it with Luke Kenny this week but we promise to come back next week with another special Take Ten with another Bollywood Celebrity! Till then stay tuned...

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