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Take Ten: Aushima

Take Ten With Aushima

Published: Saturday,Oct 18, 2008 11:53 AM GMT-06:00
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Love to wear: Jeans and a raggy T-shirt
  • Philosophy Of Life: To live each day as if it is my last
  • Reborn As: Me

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  • On What Occasions Do You Lie: I stretch the truth when i need to, and when I'm in a situation and need to get out, then I lie!
  • As long as it doesn't hurt anybody.
  • You cant Live With Out: My dog and my cell phone
  • Secret Ambition: To make it to the top, top of what I am doing right now!

  • Favorite Co-Stars: All are my favorite, as I've learn't a little something from each of them! Muzzamil and I started our career together, he is a great freind, working with Kunal Khemu was amazing, as he is an amazing actor and a great freind too, Anil Kapoor, I have grown up watching him and working with him was a dream come true and Salman khan, as he is the most humble person I've met and I had a blast doing my scenes with him and am looking forward to do more work with him and many more....
  • If You Were A Burglar You’d Steal: Someone’s heart..
  • Word/Phrase You Use Regularly: "What"!!!
  • Best Compliment received: Compliments that I get from my family, my parents and my sister and from  men, well consider most to be pick up lines.

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