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Sweta and Alex's fans get petrified in Holland

Sweta and Alex hit Holland for a much needed break... Read on to catch on to action that happened there...


Sweta and Alex
managed to have taken a much required break from the hectic dance practicing for Nach Baliye 3 in Holland. But apparently their fans were horrified to see them on the streets of Holland when they recently went there to attend Alex's sister's wedding. From the time they landed, they bumped into fans who apparently watch the show religiously and were shocked to see them in Holland especially since the show is still going on.

"Those people were happy to see us but the first reaction was horror. They would ask us 'what are you guys doing here now? Are you ousted?' and we would just have to pacify them that we took only a three days break to come down and that we weren't disqualified. It was really nice  to see fans watching the show so ardently and truly enjoying and appreciating us." Says Sweta. Talking about the experience, she continues "The place is just amazing. Three days were a bit too less, but we had to get back for the show. I finally met the rest of the members from Alex's family. And they are just so warm."
Well just keep dancing that way, you will have the world crooning!
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frogak 2007-10-19T17:01:58Z yes they do dutch men wears it jus like irish ppl
maha786 2007-10-18T20:13:54Z thx a bunch alex and sweta surely r doin a marvellous job
BABY-GIRL7 2007-10-18T15:01:24Z great article...
did any1 notice that alex is wearing A thats what they wear
-Pj- 2007-10-18T14:41:22Z i thought alex is irish as O'neil is a irish surname
xLnCrULeS 2007-10-18T12:21:48Z no they arent married.. still courting...
thanx 4 the article....
this jodi will go far...
pomegranate 2007-10-18T12:08:02Z awwww they make such a cute couple :D alex is damn cute.but yeah they look like there in love on more thing are they married????
metoyou 2007-10-18T10:42:04Z Is Shweta's boyfriend Dutch? wow, didnt know that. lucky guy;)
~*puja*~ 2007-10-18T09:18:55Z They are such a cute couple... wish them the best for Nach!
AashiQ_ 2007-10-18T08:38:47Z Really, when and where in The Netherlands????/
kubare 2007-10-18T07:24:25Z cute...they do look in love.....
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