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Now here is a side to Sophie Choudhary that we just discovered! A side that very few know about.

Now here is a side to Sophie Choudhary that we just discovered! A side that very few know about. Unlike most actresses who prefer to keep to themselves during shoots, Sophie made it a point to mingle with not only her co-stars but even the crew members thus adding a human element to the mundane work environment. The actress also made it a point to see to it that the cast and crew got together for lunches and dinners.

A unit member reveals, "Sophie feels that it is these shared moments that make the shooting schedules memorable. The last day of a schedule usually landed up making the entire crew emotional. However, Sophie gave a personal touch to it. She brought sweets for the entire cast and crew during every schedule of Alibaug. Initially we just accepted the sweets. Later when we asked her about it, she just smiled and replied, 'I want everyone to have sweet memories and look forward to many more such moments of sharing and giving because that is what life is all about.' We have neither forgotten her gesture nor the words."

When asked about the incident Sophie just laughed and said "it was nothing. It was great working with the entire crew and I wanted fond memories. I am looking forward to Alibaug now. We used to look forward to the shoot everyday and loved spending time together. It was an emotional bonding for us. Recently when we celebrated Parveen Dabaas's birthday we were watching the promos of the film and everyone literally had tears in their eyes including Sanjay Gupta. That was the bonding we had on the sets."

Speaking about her role in the film Sophie says, "Alibaug is all about human  elationships. I play the wife of Sanjay Suri. How we are in love and later on circumstances drifts us apart. I loved every bit of the role."

When asked about her stint in Bollywood Sophie says, "I am very happy with the kind of roles that I am getting. I was just a VJ in channel V and never imagined I would come this far. I was born and brought up in London and had no godfather here. Look where I am today. I am getting substantial roles. I am happy with them."

What's next we ask her? "Well I have Indra Kumar's Daddy Cool which is a comedy and Jehangir Surti's Freeze which is a thriller," smiling signs off the actress.

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