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Swaran’s mother-in-law to oppose her decision; to support Swaran's sons in ‘Swaran Ghar’?

Gear up for an exciting track in the Colors show ‘Swaran Ghar’.

Published: Monday,Mar 28, 2022 12:00 PM GMT-06:00
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Cast of Swaran Ghar

Colors’ show ‘Swaran Ghar’ is getting quite interesting with each passing episode. The current track of the show revolves around Swaran realising that her sons were adamant about selling off the house without informing her. Swaran lost her cool which led to a major confrontation between her and the sons.

In the upcoming episodes, Swaran gets angry with Vikram for calling his father names. She raises her hand to hit him but he holds her hand and pushes her. Ajit intervened and holds Swaran. Furthermore, he plants a tight slap on Vikram’s face and asks him to not insult his mother.

Later, Neelima reveals that Nakul, Vikram and Yug called their father a thief as Kanwal failed to pay them the share after winding up a business. Swaran is left furious after learning the same. She confronts the sons and they admit calling Kanwal a thief. Swaran gets hysteric and determined at the same time and she ousts all the sons from the house. 

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In the forthcoming episodes, the sons will fume in rage and would want to get back to the house and claim their share of the property. They will further take help from their grandmother. The character will be played by renowned actress Nirmal Rishi. She will make a grand entry in the show and will be seen supporting her grandchildren and will stand against Swaran. 

Looks like a lot of drama and twists will be seen in the upcoming episodes of the show.

Are you excited about the upcoming episodes? Hit the comment section below.

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SoniRSippu21 4 months ago Uff wth why she supporting her grandsons ugh pote ke pyaar mein blind?
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suresh555 4 months ago Show Dadi the letter her son left for Ajit, in which he called his sons nalayak
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mumihp 4 months ago If that is the case, the grandmother is a fool, how can she support her grandsons when they caused her son so much pain, evem calling him a thief.
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