Swara and Sanskaar to rob a bank in Swaragini!

Find out why? Read on to know more.

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Colors' Swaragini is soon coming to an end. While some fans want the show to bid adieu, some are heart broken as they want to enjoy more of the melodrama!

The precap already showcased Nikhil turning into a goon and holding Mishka ransom.

The upcoming episode will unfold giving the end of a track, a fresh twist where in order to go to Canada, Nikhil will attack Abhimanyu and his family with his fellow goons. He will hold Mishka to ransom and will refuse to leave her until a handsome amount is given in exchange for the child. 

When Nikhil will threaten to kill Mishka on not agreeing to pay so, Abhimanyu will clearly state that all his property and assets have been given away to Mishka. On killing her, he will fetch nothing. Nikhil will be left with no option but to devise another plan and will then ask Swara and Sanskaar to rob a bank in exchange of Mishka!

Sanskaar will be in a dilemma but Swara will give her nod to save the little girl! How will 'SwaSan' get through with this?