Swapping of hosts and judges on Chak De

There is a major twist in the show as the Raveena and Sandip swap their places with Manoj and Roshni...

This weekend Chak De on 9X will see a major change. There is a twist in the tale as the judges and hosts swap their positions on the show for an episode. So don’t be astonished when you see  the regular judges Raveena and Sandip Soparkar getting into the shoes of the hosts, Manoj Tiwari and Roshni!!

“The ravishing bollywood actress Raveena anchors the whole episode in complete Manoj’s style. At the end of the show she exclaimed that the hosts, Manoj Tiwari and Roshni were doing a commendable work,” says our source.

It would be a striking experience to see the judges hosting the show tonight… Isn’t it! 

Author and Reporter: Rachana Trivedi

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that is weird...you don't turn down Will Smith...that's a mistake...esp. three times

16 years ago

Eh I don't think she wants to work with Will at all.

I don't like that picture of her, esp her dress =[

16 years ago

she is so rude i hate her will smith is a good actor love him and plus we dont need skanky ash in hitch eva did fine allow her man

16 years ago

Even if she is free then also she will not work

16 years ago

maybe she doesnt want to work ith him that why she turn down all his offers. and did you see he ask her and she say no on special hoildays[lol]

16 years ago

I wonder why. She's always been ambitious

16 years ago

i wish other shows would do this as well!

15 years ago

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