SVOI in its Final Stages, SRGMP L'il Champs Takes off

This week if on one hand we had the remaining champions of "Bemisaal Barah" steal hearts with superb performances, then on the other hand we had some cute little champs trying to catch our eyes with their first performances.

This week was a refreshing week where drama fortunately took a back seat while magical melody had the drivers’ seat. While SVOI is inching its way towards the grand finale in search of India ki Voice, Zee SaReGaMaPa embarked on a new journey with L'il Champs International to find a fresh new young voice.

This week’s show stealer was SVOI with some brilliant themes and mind blowing performances. However, there was a big disappointment too. With the elimination of Priyani, the last of the female contestant, the wish of millions to see a female participant vie for the coveted #1 title came crashing down. Yet again, a talented singer lost out to the fallacy of public voting. If there will be another “wild card” round to bring back female participants, is at this moment a wild guess. It’s something that time and the show's producer can tell, but from the way the judges were laying the groundwork, it won’t be too surprising if such a thing really happened especially keeping in view the past history of this show.

SVOI’s new and old song theme was a totally new concept and was really entertaining to see, where the participants switch between old and new generation songs with such ease. The qawaali theme and stage set up was exceptional, although it reminded of such an episode of yet another channel not so long ago.It was an absolute delight for the viewers to watch as the participants in the presence of esteemed judges gave such astounding performances. The little skit though enjoyable could have been done without, as the performances were such powerful that nothing else was required. It once again shows that, when the theme and song selection is perfect, no props are required to boost the show.

SaReGaMaPa L'il Champs series of Zee TV rolled out this week to a grand start. But after the gripping euphoria that captured the viewers of the C2007, it will be sometime before the L'il Champs series drive viewers into such fevered pitch. The choice of Judges for this show rekindles hopes and visions of older SRGM format devoid of drama. However, another judge in the show would have made the show more interesting. Also, we hope that in future episodes, we would see Suresh Wadekar ji more expressive. The kids performed with live music to a live audience and this was probably not a very good idea, as the experience can be very nerve wrecking for fresh talents, especially for little kids. The international selections proved to be a big disappointment and performances from them were too mediocre.

While one L'il Champ has rolled out and another upcoming one being advertised in Star Plus, it becomes essential to ponder on an important point that is essential for a show involving little kids. The song selection especially the lyrics need to be appropriate befitting the age. We hope in the days to come, the research teams would pay attention to this detail.

Author: Barnali

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Comments (9)

SVOI was really good this Saturday..The Qawwali theme was good and the participants especially Toshi and Irfan gave great performances!!

16 years ago

raveena tondon was best in girls

16 years ago

priyani was never a good singer she never desarved the wild card entry ashpreet did it's good that she is elimenated actually to speak of it none of the contestants in SVOI are good.

16 years ago

The kids were sooo impressive for their singing talent at such a young age.

16 years ago

i hope priyani comes bak through a wildcard entry and wins

16 years ago

The international kids didnt do that gud....mayb it will change this week....but the otehr kids were fantastic!!!

16 years ago

some kid sang yaar ko maine..this song was so inappropriate for his age....

16 years ago

sad to see all good one being voted out but it happens with all realty show so what can we do but nice update thxs bud...................

16 years ago

for Lil Champs next week we'll have kids from Pakistan. I guess there were 2 or 3 very good kids but lets see with time.. I don't think anybody had noticed Sanchita until she reached top 5 last year..

16 years ago

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