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SVOI and SaReGaMaPa L'il Champs This Week - Critical Analysis

It's the final countdown to the grand finale in SVOI. What was the highlight of the week's show - the voice of the participants or the noise made by the judges? To know more read on...

Published: Monday,Nov 12, 2007 21:11 PM GMT-07:00
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While the little kids of L'il Champs are busy counting their final marks to find who passed with flying colors, in SVOI the final countdown for the Grand Finale has begun and soon we will have a “Voice of India”, but who will choose the voice, no one really knows, though there is plenty of noise about all other paraphernalia.

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After the elimination of Abhaas - Star Voice of India has reached its final stages. Harshit and Ismeet will now be fighting out in the finals scheduled on 24th of this month. But who selects the “Voice of India” – the Public Mandate or Lata Mangeshkar herself - is still a big question mark for all. Even till the last stage, the show producers seem to be lost as far as the format goes. Shaan requests viewers to vote for the two contestants and select the winner, while the very next moment he announces that it will be Lataji who will be selecting the winner. Jatin’s comment that it is better not to criticize the contestants now and leave their fate on the public to decide, seems to corroborate, that even he believes it will be the public votes that decides the winner.

Jatin’s comment on avoiding criticism of the participants seem to have fallen into deaf ears including his, because that was precisely what the judges or mentors did while on the sets. None left a chance to put down both the finalists by comparing them repeatedly with Abhaas so much so, that it even affected their performances. When at this stage, viewers expect really top class performances, this week saw the two finalists giving out very mediocre ones. Adesh’s comment about the show now being meaningless and his disinterest about who finally wins, seems very childish. The verbal duel of words reached such levels that it took one of the celebrity judges of the day Hridaynath Mangeshkar to finally step in and stop them. This show had some of the best talents but in the end, it looks like more than the performances of the contestants, the show will be remembered for the verbal duels of the mentors.

In L'il Champs, the “Masti ki pathshala” gurus are getting a bit strict with their markings. While Himachali Barbie’s elimination though sad, was kind of expected after her performance on Saturday, Vasundhara’s straight selection to top 3 on Friday somehow brings a nagging thought to the mind if it was her performance alone which merited her rank or if sympathy had a role as well in deciding the final selection. Friday saw Vishal and Shekhar as the celebrity guests and it was nice to see them all working towards proving the show title “Masti ki Pathshala” true, by having fun with the kids while correcting their mistakes.

We have always heard that all is fair on love and war – just want to know what is fair in a musical reality show contest? Isn’t it unfair on the viewers that instead of good performances, it is the Judges' harsh acts that they have to watch, or isn’t it unfair on the participants that judges exhibit such strong favoritism?

Author: Barnali

Note: The views expressed are solely of the author. For any information, please contact the author.

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Too_Much 15 years ago So this film is gonna come next year,.....hmmmmmm
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advil 15 years ago @sjshah:Sonu nigam and all cut cake with Totaram also. Now is that also bad?

Regarding SVOI- bad behaviour has no excuse. Decorum of a place and dignity of a position should always be maintained, no matter what.If being emotionally attached is making them behave thus, then I guess they better remain emotionally detached. Between them and the producer they have turned the show into a circus.
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sjshah 15 years ago Vasundhra has an extremely childish voice which over a period of time gets annoying. I think the judges on Lil Champ are favoring some kids more than others. For example Sonu Nigam cutting the cake with Vaishali - was that really needed? or Vasundhara being selected in top 3?

As for VOI - the judges are emotionally attached to each participants and that's why there seemed to be a heated contest between the judges. However, the diwali show with Soha Ali Khan was done extremely well.
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.:Megha:. 15 years ago Vasundhra has a weird voice and it changes sometimes, but she is good. I thought No.1 should have been Rohit, No.2 Vibhore :) and then No.3 should have been Vasundhra. I think they favor her more like Diwakar, but as IBserenity said Diwakar didn't win last year.
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maha786 15 years ago This content is hidden.
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bittersweet93 15 years ago VS def bring liveliness to where ever they go
I agree with the Vasundhra thing- her singing is good but not the best. I was surprised when she got the first place...the second and third position ppl were a lot better.
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advil 15 years ago That comment by Raju about Jatin eating kasam was simply too good...ha ha...

Di, I simply love the pics that you put in your articles, the lataji and the SMS one here is simply awesome...

As regards to the show...the only positive side is...Ishmeet and Harshit will only have better days to look forward to...after this much of bashing, they have been seasoned for life...
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IBserenity 15 years ago you know ppl said that abt Dewaker too...but he didn't win did he? So, I think we need to move past these pety things and look at talent.
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Anuradha 15 years ago I loved Raju Shrivastav's comments.. He said all that we all want to say.. For Alka as Roohafza ki bottle.. ROFL.. Also comment for Jatin that he eats only Kasam.. How true.. :P
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memsaab 15 years ago I hate SVOI and dont watch it so I can't comment on it. As for Lil Champs I think Vasundhara has a peculiar voice but she is a good singer and knows the song. I definitely think when they decided the top 3 on Friday... Rohit Should have been No. 1 following with Vibhor in No 2 and Vaishali in No. 3. BUT Vaishali is definitely better singer than Diwakar last season.
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