Suspense thriller on Star Plus, Chehra..

A thrilling tale of suspense and drama,set against the picturesque locales of Kasauli, Chehra will keep you on the edge... 'jo dikhta hai wo hota nahin'...

Wrapped in thrilling twists and suspense, this is Fax Bua's man ki kahani of Bandini's destiny towards an unknown destination called 'marriage'. Watch the tale unfold on STAR Plus, from March 16, 2009 at 10 30 pm, every Monday to Friday!

Chehra brings an exciting new twist to the axiom 'what you see is what you get'. A thrilling tale of suspense and drama, your weekdays will never be the same again. Set against the picturesque locales of Kasauli, Chehra will keep you on the edge……. 'jo dikhta hai wo hota nahin'…….

The story revolves around a young girl who is full of life and explores the world in her wheel chair. Chehra traverses through the Bandini's life, her undying spirit and her life after marriage.

A 24-year- old girl, Bandini, is full of life, witty and loves nature. Handicapped in an accident, she has taken her disadvantage in her stride and doesn't let pity and sympathy bring her down. Her life takes a 'U' turn when she meets a young, dashing, wealthy business tycoon- Garv. Bandini is stunned when this most sought after bachelor proposes marriage to her when he has many beautiful & wealthy girls waiting for him with bated breath! 

Friends, neighbors and relatives all are stunned by such a good proposal for Bandini. Some think it's pure luck while other's think it's just her good karma.  But there is more to what meets the eye! What awaits her in the future? Why does Garv marry a physically challenged average girl?  - A happily married life or a life full of suspense and heartache?

Commenting on the launch of Chehra, Mr.  Keertan Adyanthaya, EVP & GM, STAR Plus, said, "STAR Plus has an exciting line-up of shows in March and we are constantly adding new genres to our current repertoire of shows. With Chehra, an exciting potboiler weaved with dramatic twists and turns promises not only to entertain viewers but also keep them guessing about Bandini's destiny!"

A perfect story of dreams coming true, love at unexpected corners, danger, anxiety, despair, conspiracy……… hold your breath as the story unfolds …………. Premiering on March 16, 2009 every Monday to Friday, at 10 30 pm only on Star Plus.

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sounds interesting..............................

15 years ago

ya right guys it does sound interesting ......... but i think the story seems to me similar to KYA HADSA KYA HAQEEQAT rajeev kandelwal in that serial that was really interesting serial i hope it ll be the same ....... i m gonna watch it 4 sure

15 years ago

-Maya- Thumbnail



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15 years ago

The story looks interesting and The concept is good too, But Let''s see how the Story Unfolds

All the best to Chehra team !

15 years ago

By hook or crook i am not going to watch any new shows starting on star plus because of the biased attitude that they are showing for shows like KDMHMD and TSPLS.I also didn''t find interesting story.By the way no more news shows on star plus.

15 years ago

i will watch this and see if it is good or not...if it is not interesting or like a old suspense serial kahin kissi roz, i will def not watch this:@

15 years ago

I hope the show lives up to its promo = )

Guess I''ll watch either this or Na Aana Is Desh Laado = )

15 years ago

the show sound really good! i like the girl she s very pretty!

15 years ago

not interrested and it sounds boring nothing good!

15 years ago

i dont like the promo of this serial and am not interesting to watch this serial.

15 years ago

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