Suryakanth showed 'No Entry' in Betiyaan..

The actor's comeback to the Zee show was scrapped at the last minute as there was a rise in TRPs...

It was earlier reported that Suryakant aka Yatin Karyekar of Zee's Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyaan will be soon coming back to the show. But of late, it was discovered that his re-entry has been scrapped.

If sources are to be believed, "The entry was planned due to the dipping TRPs of the show, but recently the show has picked up again which forced the creatives to stop the come back of the man".

"Everything was finalized by the production house as well as the channel. Yatin was also present at the venue during the celebration of 500 episodes of the show. It was then that he discovered he might not be coming back to the show, and it is heard that he had immediately walked out of the party showing his displeasure", adds our khabroo.

We tried contacting Yatin but he was unavailable for comments. We also struggled to get some official person from the channel or production house to talk about this, but we were not lucky enough.

Well, all we can say is that only TRPs decide the fate of an actor in the industry!!

Reporter and Author: Rachana Trivedi

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Yatin Karyekar

Comments (11)

With out Suryakanta the dramm gonna go on damn flop...................i hertly want him to come back...

14 years ago

without him, it''s harder to bring back& fight kajri. ugh..

14 years ago

they musttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt bring him back if we viewers we want it so it must b ok also for the creatives

14 years ago

that''s too bad. he was most needed for the family

14 years ago

I think they should bring him back - he seems to be the backbone of the show

14 years ago

i wonder how d trp r going up of such a bakwas serial...

14 years ago

i wouldve reacted like that too.. i hope he doesnt come back.. i mean he has some self respect too u no!

14 years ago

ohhh how sad.. if the TRP decrease again will the creatives ask him to come back???

14 years ago

that''s too bad for him!
anyway...yet do wish him all the best!

14 years ago

that''s a horrible way to treat an actor, especially if you want him to help you... i hope he doesn''t go back...


14 years ago

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