Super Six outshine Challengers on K for Kishore

Atif Aslam's mindblowing stage performance on K for Kishore will be the highlight in Saturday's episode.. Also, this saturday will see yet another Challenger getting eliminated..

It is all happening on K for Kishore. Those who came to challenge the talent of the reigning Super Six are being vanquished week after week. Not that they are any less talented, but the Super Six have proved they are better. After Sikander from Pakistan last week, it is the turn of yet another youngster… Watch the episode and find out who is out of the race this week.

But before that, there is a surprise for all viewers. Singer Atif Aslam entertained one and all with his live performance.

In time with the telecast of the much-awaited Filmfare Awards, K for Kishore continues from where it left off on Friday night tracking Kishore Kumar's Filmfare award winning songs. Chetan Rana with Ek raasta hai zindagi… opened the innings with his mellifluous singing. K Shailendra followed it with Hazaar rahen…, the 1980 song that won Kishore Kumar the best singer award of the year. Amit Kumar lavished high praise on Shailendra saying he did complete justice to his dad's song. Arnab Chakraborty chose to impress with the evergreen Kishore number Hume tumse pyar kitna… while Milind Ingle, who is getting better every week with his Kishore songs, came up with Saagar kinaare dil yeh pukare… Indian Idol finalist, Amit Paul, touched a chord once again with Manzilein apni jagah hain.

When it was time for results, the judges did not have much of a hard time deciding who was the one they felt couldn't proceed on the show despite a great start?

Find out on K for Kishore at 9.00 pm this Saturday, March 1 only on Sony Entertainment Television.

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Comments (3)

Atif's new song rocks! I love his singing...

16 years ago

I will definitely watch it for Atif... hope Amit is not out!

16 years ago

Wohoo..Atif...I am defenitely looking forward to this one

16 years ago

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