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Sunny Singh has the Best Quarantine Plans, Digs Out his Documentaries Collection!

"There’s so much to learn, imbibe and get inspired from", says Sunny Singh as he digs out his collection of documentaries and makes use of his quarantine...


Courtesy : Sunny Singh

Sunny Singh is a fine actor who has prefered to build a connection with his audiences by portraying characters that would make them laugh and also enjoy their time to the fullest. As an actor, having ample time to work on his craft, Sunny Singh digs out his collection of documentaries during this quarantine. 

How the quarantine time is useful, Sunny shares, “This is a time of exploration and enrichment for me, I feel. I have cultivated this new habit of watching some of the greatest actors’ documentaries of Bollywood and Hollywood, during this quarantine. From Dilip Kumar Ji to Al Pacino, Raaj Kumar whose Paakeezah still feels fresh, Morgan Freeman and many more such personalities- all of these have been some great journeys and stories and thankfully, I have a huge collection so this time I’m making sure I watch them."

Adding more about how learning never stops, the actor adds, "There’s so much to learn, imbibe and get inspired from! Especially, when you are in a field like theirs, this time is truly becoming the best time of learning from their documentaries these days for me”.

Sunny Singh is now on his way to make a promising path by constantly working on his craft-  either by asking scripts from his theatre friends or watching documentaries. The actor has his mindset on what goal he wants to achieve by the end of this quarantine and is not wasting any time he has in-hand.

The actor's recent song, ‘Holi Mein Rangeele’ was a super hit and one of the most-played songs on Holi. Sunny Singh had some moves that made us groove. The audiences just couldn't stop dancing. Sunny Singh was last seen in a mom-com called Jai Mummy Di.


Sunny Singh

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