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Sunny misses the 'Sunny ol' days'!

Sunny Deol gets nostalgic regarding the bygone days of Bollywood...

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Sunny Deol created a niche for himself as the action hero of the nineties. As he grew as an actor, he fiddled with the concept of reinvention. However, nothing could get him so much glory as Gadar.

The fact that Sunny is one of those actors who isn't taking well to the rapid changes happening in Bollywood becomes evident as he converses….

Sunny reminisces, "In those days, people watched a movie for what acting you did. If they liked your acting they'll watch the film. If they don't like your acting they won't bother getting a ticket. It was that simple!"

"They really didn't worry over what you did in your personal life or what you wore for a particular event. Nope, they just weren't into all that drama! The presentation and packaging of an actor is a new trend. Celebritydom didn't even exist then. I feel this is why many of the new comers lose track. They tend to focus more on the way they appeal to the media rather than concentrating n their acting skills," the actor elaborates.

Sunny further explains, "Nowadays, loyalty and memory of the audience is having a very low shelf-life. Thanks to the numerous screens of multiplexes and the abounding choice that they have, it really doesn't take much for them to change their mind in a second. The attitude of movie-goers has changed a lot. Where do you see seriousness among the audience?  They don't even concentrate on the film properly. Some are almost sleeping, some are busy with their cellphones…"

He reveals the vivid details of his memory, "During our time, cinema was the cheapest and the most popular form of entertainment for an average guy. Going to the movies was like a great trip to the family!"

So does this change in stance of the audience bother him about his impending release Right Yaaa Wrong? "Since this attitude is affecting all of the films I don't think I have a special concern to worry about. I believe in the film. It has a superb story which has been well executed by talented actors like Irrfan Khan, Konkona and Esha."

Talking more on the film he says, 'It's a mystery-thriller film. I play a cop who's going through a lot of inner turmoil. Irrfan Khan plays my friend turned nemesis. It focuses on how troubled times badly blur the line between right and wrong."

Right Yaaa Wrong releases this Friday, the 12th of March 2010.

Reporter and Author: Susan Jose

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