Sumbul Touqeer Khan slams a troll commenting on her education as she plays an IAS officer in her next

An internet user going on to commenting on Toqueer Khan's real-life education qualification and questioning on what makes her qualified to play an IAS officer.

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Sumbul Touqeer Khan

The world of social media continues to be a double-edged sword for entertainers in all possible ways. This is all the more a reality for actors belonging to the small screen owing to the accessibility they have as opposed to other industries. At times, a lot of them go on to choose to ignore any form of negativity in the virtual world but sometimes, it becomes imperative to give it back to these trolls and foul comments.

A similar instance happened only recently when actor Sumbul Touqeer Khan was the subject of one such instance. As we have already reported, Touqueer Khan is all set to return to acting as she has bagged the leading role in Sony TV's upcoming series, Kavya. We also know that the actor will be playing an IAS officer in the show.

Somehow this led to an internet user going on to commenting on Toqueer Khan's real-life education qualification and questioning on what makes her qualified to play an IAS officer. The actor was quick to take notice and went on to give it back to the troll in her own manner. She took to Twitter and slammed the troll mentioning that she has been balancing her studies and acting in the right way and also stated that when actors are asked to play the character of a murderer, they don't actually kill a person. Her actual tweet read-

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Sumbul Touqeer Khan Twitter

That was indeed quite the response from the actor and it was appreciated by several users. The aforementioned slamming tweet has now been deleted twice but that indeed didn't stop Touqeer Khan to respond to it and rightfully so.

The lady, after making a rollicking debut on the small screen with Imlie created waves with her stint in Bigg Boss 16 last year.

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Shab Sayed

Shab Sayed

ALL THIS NONSENSE IS SPREAD BY #GutkaDruggyModel Gang fans just like their idol his fans are also JOKERS. Yaar i never knew actors having qualification of MBBS AND IAS only can play designated roles on ITV. If that was the case then Ayesha Singh wouldnt play doctor Sai and Neil wouldnt play inspector Virat because they are not qualified. Y dont this Jokers fans invest time in hyping their idol and helping him get at least 1% TRP for his FLOP SHOW on ColorsTV why they are behind BILLIONS OF FANS SUPERSTAR #SumbulTouqeerKhan. OUR GIRL IS SHINING LIKE A DIAMOND WHY ARE THIS JOKERS JELOUS.

7 months ago

UMM BUT kids shouldn't have to work and earn money for their parents, Sumbul. They can balance their "passions and studies" in safe environments like schools rather than in exploitative workplaces like sets of films, Sumbul
Not these super rich people glorifying child labour ugh

7 months ago

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