Sumati Singh from 'Kismat Ki Lakiro Se' shares on actors transitioning from TV to films

As the trend of actors working across mediums such as television, film and web, Sumati shares how this is a positive sign for all actors.

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Sumati Singh

Sumati Singh has been winning hearts with her role of Keerti in ‘Kismat Ki Lakiro Se’. The actress is also known for popular shows like ‘Tere Mere Saath Rahe’ and ‘Yeh Hai Chahatein’. As the trend of actors working across mediums such as television, film and web, Sumati shares how this is a positive sign for all actors.

Talking about the hard work that goes into acting on television and the trend being a step in the right direction, Sumati shares, “The blending of TV and Bollywood actors in both mediums is a positive trend. In the past, there was a clear distinction that if you were a TV actor, you couldn't venture into web series or movies. However, this line is gradually fading, and that's a welcome development. It allows actors to showcase their talent on various platforms and not be limited by their initial background. Sometimes, actors are exceptionally talented, but they don't get the right opportunities in the TV industry for various reasons. Breaking these boundaries can be a game-changer, providing recognition and a broader platform for deserving actors. TV acting is no cakewalk, either. It's a demanding 365-day job, unlike the relatively shorter schedules of films. TV actors often handle multiple scenes, dialogues, and costume changes in a single day. The persistent hard work and dedication of TV actors often go unnoticed.”

She adds that actors transitioning from television to film break an old stereotype. She says, “The trend of actors transitioning from TV to films challenges the stereotype that TV actors aren't as hardworking or talented. The industry is evolving, and it's clear that actors, regardless of their origins, are versatile and capable of excelling in various forms of entertainment.”

About any changes she would like to see in the industry, Sumati shares her views, “The TV industry often revolves around the typical drama of mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, which can get repetitive. I believe it's essential to bring in some variety, as we might be part of such shows for an extended period. The challenge arises when we have to shoot logical content that needs to last for years. I think there should be a shift towards limited episodes. Shooting shorter, more concise episodes say a hundred or so, can make it feel less like a daily job. This change would prevent it from becoming monotonous. While being part of long-running shows has its advantages, it can also be limiting, as you tend to revisit the same stories. I haven't seen many shows with limited episodes in the industry yet; they mostly run for about six months in my view.”

Sumati Singh is an actress clearly passionate about her work and appreciates that the process of transitioning between mediums is becoming smoother.

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