Suhani to regain her memory in COLORS' Swarg..

The next major high point in COLORS' Swarg will be the union of Shubh and Suhani, once Suhani gets back her memory...

COLORS and Rajan Shahi's Maat Pitaah Ke Charnon Mein Swarg will finally see the union of Shubh (Pracheen Chauhan) and Suhani (Megha Gupta).

According to the present story line, Suhani who is now in Shubh's house after getting a new face has not got her memory back. Shubh who loves Suhani a lot is not aware of Suhani being alive.

At this juncture, there will be a high point in the show wherein Suhani gets her memory back, and the family members realize that this girl is in fact Suhani who had survived the major accident that happened to her.

According to our source, "Suhani's father comes to the Tripathi family asking them to do a pooja for Suhani's soul to rest in peace, as they did not carry out any ritual at the time of her death with her body not being found. There is a helipad sequence wherein the pooja is organized. But the pooja does not get completed as many hurdles come in the way, and this is when the pundit performing the pooja realizes that the person who is considered to be dead might in fact be alive. At the same time, Suhani who is present in the pooja starts getting flashes of her past, and is about to fall off the cliff again when Shubh saves her".

The revelation sequence has been shot elaborately over the weekend.

We called up Megha Gupta who said, "Yes, we are shooting a helipad sequence wherein the pooja is taking place. Seeing the flames coming out of the havan, Suhani gets some flashes of her past. She even utters some statements that only the original Suhani knew. This actually raises a doubt in the family members' minds on whether she can be the real Suhani. You will have to watch out to know what happens next".

The role of Suhani was played by Archana Taide earlier; the girl fell off a cliff due to which her face was severely damaged.

The revelation episode is expected to air this Wednesday in COLORS' Swarg.

Reporter and Author: Pooja Shenoy

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