Sudha Chandran in Kaisi Laagi Lagan...

Sahara One's Kaisi Laagi Lagan will see a new twist with the entry of Sudha Chandran...

Sudha Chandran enters the supernatural thriller of Sahara One, Kaisi Laagi Lagan to provide the much needed spice to the story.

Giving us info is our source, “She plays the character of Ambika who is very assertive in nature. Ambika gets to know about Pratha (Mahi Viz) through Raghav (Asmit Kaushik), and also that Raghav’s family is against this relationship. As she starts off on a mission to unite the lovers, destiny though changes her perceptions about Pratha and everyone else around her”.

Ambika will have a strong hold on everyone in Raghav’s family. “But the mystery lies in her identity. There seems to be an ulterior motive behind her sudden entry into the house.. What is it that has brought her here after so many years is to be watched”, adds our source.

Sudha Chandran enters the show on January 7th.

To know the suspense about Ambika, watch Kaisi Laagi Lagan only on SaharaOne Television at 11p.m, every Monday to Friday.

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Sudha Chandran

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Asmit Kaushik

Comments (3)

I hope its positive character, tht jass is only too much to bear

15 years ago

i hope so her character in KLL is positive ... Jass is too much for us too bear we don''t want any more negative characters!

15 years ago

wonder why everytime shudha chandran is in any serial, they dress her up really weird - she''s so beautiful and artistic in real life, yet they give her very ugly get ups!

15 years ago

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