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We all adore Cartoons and Fairy tales. As the saying goes,there lies a Kid in every grown-up heart! So What will happen if one day your Favorite Couples turn into Cartoons and carve their own Fairy tale!..Read on to know more...

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"We discover,when we grow up that life is far more complicated than we think it is when we're a kid. It isn't just a straight forward fairytale.” So lets make the Life of our Television Couples less Complicated for at least a day and imagine them as our favorite Cartoons and Fairy tale Characters....!

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Armaan-Riddhima as Archie-Veronica

Think of Archie and you will get images of the girl chasing the poor fellow! The ever so smart Archie Andrews is a fun-loving, honest, down-to-earth boy, who is the eye candy of all the girls! So is our dear Armaan and there are many girls behind him here as well, be it Muskaan or our very Own Veronica! Yes we are talking about Riddhima! She has style and is beautiful always behind poor Archie blaming him for the things he never committed! To complete the jigsaw, we even have the presence of Jug head in Armaan's life, as who can forget the support of Dr.Atul. Here is the comic strip which got its life on Indian Television! Don't you all think the same??

Sagar-Vidya as Cinderella-Prince Charming

Everyone orders Cinderella around, her cruel stepmother, her awful stepsisters -- even the big clock in the church tower tells her when to start another day of drudgery. But no matter how her family abuses and humiliates her, they can't stop her from dreaming. For dreams are the wishes of Cinderella's heart, and despite her sadness and hardships, she has faith that someday her wishes for happiness will come true in the form of her Prince Charming and one day it did when Invitation to the royal ball arrives! Same goes in Vidya's Life as she has her Chachi to trouble her, but her marriage to Sagar has changed her life forever! Sagar has come as the Prince Charming in her life and took away all her pains and sorrows and filled it with his Love! Someone truly said.."No matter how your heart is grieving, if you keep on believing, the dreams that you wish for will come true ..." just like Sagar and Vidya! And they are back as Amar and Divya just to relive their unfulfilled dreams!

Prem-Heer as Aladdin-Jasmine
Aladdin born and raised among a den of villains, yet brave, intelligent, clean, steadfast, and quick-witted who has his heart at the right place ,so as Prem he went out of his way to protect his love and fighting against the all odds! The beautiful Jasmine wants to marry for love, one day decides to flee the luxuries of the palace for the wild adventure of the marketplace ... where she happens to fall into the company of a young street thief, Aladdin. The Story is same just that Jasmine has changed places with Prem here!. In both the couples life there are many Villains and they are fighting against all odds! but.. Aladdin and Jasmine /Prem and Heer have all the blessings they need to live "happily ever after"
Sumit-Kumkum as Mickey-Minnie Mouse




Sadhna-Alekh as Princess Ariel - Prince Eric
The cute Love story of Little Mermaid has found distant cousins in Alekh and Sadhna! Ariel's very attractive qualities is that, she is very definite about what she is doing and very confident about her own ability to succeed. So as Sadhna as she is fighting the lone battle for her cousin, husband and family! Of course, a good deal of that confidence is ill-placed, as she is just a poor girl but her love for Prince Eric gives her the confidence to go ahead in life, as Ariel saved the life of Prince Eric, while here Sadhna is doing the same to Alekh. We just Hope that the story doesn’t bring the twist where Prince Eric and Ariel got separated, as after recovery, Alekh might go through this as well. In Eric's life,like there was Vanessa here Alekh's Mother might play the spoil sport! but True love reigns over all odds and we are hopeful for such endings here as well.
Jai-Bani as Fred-Wilma Flinstone

Fred was a blustery, egotistical guy who is very stylish; along with his wife Wilma Flinstone he lives a life which is full of love and affection. On the other hand Wilma Flinstone is Fun-loving and joyful, yet capable of managing Fred's zany outlook on life. Exactly like our Beloved Couple Jai and Bani, as Jai was boisterous to start with, but the love of Bani has changed him forever! The Apple of Filnstones life is their daughter Pebbles , so as for Jai and Bani!!

Milind-Prachi as Snowwhite - Prince Charming
Once upon a time there lived a lovely little princess named Snow White. One day, the Magic Mirror informs the queen that Snow White, despite her rags, is now the fairest in the land. In addition, the queen observes the arrival of a prince, who serenades the young girl as she gathers water from a well to scrub the grounds. These events fuel the queen's jealousy, and she orders her huntsman to take Snow White into the woods and kill her. In Prachi's Life she has many hurdles as well that stopped her from getting together with her Prince Charming/Milind, but Faith has other plans, as Milind got his memory back and now the very much in love couple is back again! And now the couple lives happily ever after in the prince's castle, that is in Milind's house!
Daksh-Anu as Popeye-Olive Oyl
Popeye a pugnacious, wisecracking cartoon sailor who possesses superhuman strength after ingesting an always-handy can of spinach, so as Daksh who has similar body structure as Popeye and knows how to protect his Wife! Now the viewers are waiting for him to have the spinach! Talk about Olive whose extremely thin build lent itself well to the fashions of the time, her long black hair reminds you of Anupama, the better half of Daksh here! As Anupama had Chetanya in her life, Olive had Harold Hamgravy as fiancée in her life! Who knew that Popeye would find his soul mate in Anupama and Daksh in Olive!
and together they all are singing ....Pehli Nazar main aisa jadoo kar diya....oh Baby I love you....


P.S The Opinions expressed in here is strictly those of the author.

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Although I think in AR case, Archies goes a bit ulta with Armaan chasing Ridz!

And Sumit-Kumkum as Micky-Minnie fit so cutely!

15 years ago

oh god such a sweet article........i jus luvd dat armaan-ridz is compared wid archie-veronica. nice 1 jus luvd it.......mmmmwah.

15 years ago

will sum1 please tell me wat series Indraneil and Barkha (the last couple) are in cuz i dunnu lol =P

15 years ago the AR one and SUKK one ofcourse..

15 years ago

Armaan riddhima - Archie Veronica! but isnt riddhima more lyk betty..! newayz..! KaSh rocks!! <3 <3 !

15 years ago

OMG..dis was the cutst thing ever..AR as Archie veronice..nd I guess Muskaan becomes Betty then!! Atul as Jughed..LMAO!!!!!

15 years ago

Fred-Wilma man, wanted Prince Charming- Cinderella for Jai and Bani as they both r my favorite.

15 years ago

u missed few couples....Prithvi n Sanyogita!!!!

anyways well writen article[:)]

15 years ago

awesum!!!!!nice 1
wish p2 n saksham were there.thy would have been beauty n da beast........lolz.....just kiddin.
humm......lemme think...ok..ok let it b da best fairy tale 2 think.
nice idea na?....lolz

15 years ago

lolz...nice article...characters really do suit with the cartoon jodis...

to bad no Ranvir & Kanya in here :(

15 years ago

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