Star's newest kid on the block: Santaan

STAR PLUS brings the slice of real life show in its prime-time SANTAAN...Read on to catch a glimpse of the new show...

Expanding its dominance now in the extended prime time slot, India’s leading Hindi general entertainment channel – STAR PLUS is all geared to launch its new prime-time family drama SANTAAN, Mon – Thurs, 7.30 p.m., starting 22nd October, 2007.

The first of its kind story - Santaan, is a show based on unique relationships and the common thread that binds them all. Story of an extraordinary couple Gayatri & Parikishit Dixit and their hardships & turmoil to keep their family closely, happily & strongly bonded even in the face of everyday struggle of life. With their three kids, Kartik & Adwait and Suhana, Dixit’s work very hard compromising on almost all their needs & luxuries only with an aim to set a bright and secure future for their kids. With their only wish to see their children well established and happy for the rest of their life, both Parikshit & Gayatri are a satisfied couple, until life shows up its darker shades and begin to trample their dreams of a fulfilled family life.

Dedicated to all the parents who have overcome barriers of life to create a promising & bright future for their children. Santaan will narrate real life story of every other household of this generation & society, first time ever on television.

Set in the backdrop of ‘Kanpur’ the show will depict the lifestyle & generation gap, conflicting values & morals between parents and their children. With its emotive portrayal of storyline, the show will find its immediate relevance in the present day society, where each character will be easily identifiable & relatable.

Capturing the simple, real and immense internal strength of each character as they juggle with their hopes & aspirations and their share of troubles too. The show will indeed be a remarkable play of real life happenings onto the reel life. Produced by the acclaimed Shakuntalam Telefilms, it is directed by Sujit Singh and Neelima & Shyam Bajpayee, have produced the show.

Introducing an interesting line-up of cast Santaan will bring together a few fresh faces and a few accomplished actors like - Diwakar Pundhir (playing Parikshit), Samraagi (playing Gayatri), Sudip Sahir (playing Kartik),  Gaurav   Khanna (playing Adwait) and Daljit Kaur (playing Suhana ).

So, will Parikshit and Gayatri be able to cope up with the lifestyle of ‘Generation next’?? Will the difference of opinions lead to a rift between a father-son; mother-daughter relation??

Stay tuned to find it all on- SANTAAN, starting October 22nd, Mon-Thurs, 7.30 p.m. only on STAR PLUS!

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Daljiet Kaur

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Daljit K

Comments (23)

oo ooo diwakars old luk doesnt luk dat gud............he luks better youn and hot

16 years ago

it looks intersting..waiting for the show.

16 years ago

ommmmggg gaurav i'll watch the show for gaurav:)

16 years ago

wow gaurav on another show! ahhhhh so excited!.......naina

16 years ago

personally im only looking forrward to gaurav and a little bit for dalijit,

& oh i (L) the guy thts playin teh dad role bt ahh the old look doesnt work,

16 years ago

The promos on TV showed some other guys as sons,not these two.

16 years ago

all d best 2 missin him in kk...

16 years ago

i am so so so happy to have u back daljit.
she was looking so beautiful and looked so young and fresh.
i m sure this show will be a huge hit as it has all the elements of a good show.
i dont have any doubt that she will be an icon on this show..
i luv u so so so much and my mom is conveying her blessings to her NIYATI and the whole family of santaan.....

gaurav is looking a bit too young but cute na?

16 years ago

This content is hidden.

16 years ago

ohh wow..gaurav is back on star..and sudip is back again after jab love hua...

16 years ago

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