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Stars make New Year pledges to improve life

New Delhi, Jan 1 (IANS) What is Brand Bollwyood's New Year's pledge? Little touches that add value to their lives and to the industry in general, say the stars.

Published: Tuesday,Jan 01, 2008 15:00 PM GMT-07:00
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New Delhi, Jan 1 (IANS) What is Brand Bollwyood's New Year's pledge? Little touches that add value to their lives and to the industry in general, say the stars.

In 2008, the promises include showing greater concern for the saving energy, loving oneself and practising austerity. Actress Koena Mitra wants to follow her heart to where it takes her while actor Manoj Bajpai wants to kick smoking. Here's a list of what the stars have promised themselves in 2008:

Lilette Dubey: 'I see time slipping away. In 2008, I want to renew bonds with my family and friends. And I want to travel more. But most important of all, I'm going to make my first film. Yes, 2008 will be the year of my directorial debut. I love new challenges, always, Wish me luck.'

Riteish Deshmukh: 'Normally, I don't make any resolutions. But this year I'm making an exception. I want to become more energy-conscious his year. I'll make a conscious effort to save on electricity wherever I can.'

Ruslaan Mumtaz: 'This year, I want to spend far less money than I did last year. I recently went on a holiday and came back broke. I had to cancel my year-end holiday plans. In 2008, I want to stop using the credit card.'

Sammir Dattani: 'I want to stop being the good sweet cute boy next door. I want to get really mean on screen. I want to play the villain in a slasher movie where I get to be ugly in looks and action.'

Koena Mitra: 'I don't like to restrict myself to rules and resolutions. I'm not a planner. I never planned anything. So in 2008, I want to be even more spontaneous. I want to follow my heart wherever it takes me. I want to make mistakes, so I can learn from them. I want life to be full of surprises, unpredictable and adventurous. Can I have all of this?'

Arshad Warsi: 'In 2008, I'm really really going to start looking after myself. And I want to work even harder on my films. No more supporting roles for me. I'll now support myself.'

Tusshar Kapoor: 'My new-year resolution is to get more fitness-conscious. I want to get as physically fit as I can. And I've promised myself a holiday this year. One more thing, I've resolved to be more careful this year in selecting my roles.'

Prashant Raj: 'In 2008, I want to get serious. There will be a lot of focus on commitment in my life. At the same time I want to enjoy myself to the hilt. Is that a contradictory wish?'

Raima Sen: 'I really need to get more regular about my workouts. And I need to get more decisive this year. I have been giving in just to be polite.'

Manoj Bajpai: 'After 18 years of smoking, I've kicked the habit. In 2008, I want to stay away from the cancer stick.'

Neil Mathur: 'My new year resolution is to make no resolutions. I make them every year and forget to stick to them.'

Amrita Arora: 'I know being bad is good. But I want to be a better human being in 2008. I want to kick my habitual impatience and work much harder than I did in 2007.'

Simi Garewal: 'My new year resolution...to speak more Hindi as I am going to do more Hindi shows on television.'

Saif Ali Khan: 'To never smoke again, to take care of my health, be extremely regular with my workouts, make more time for those whom I love, to stay keyed into my work and to make sure that I enjoy what I do.'

Sonam Kapoor: 'The death of my grandfather at the end of the year made me realise how urgently I need to spend time with my family. My New Year resolution is to spend as much time as possible with my grandmother. I realise that at the end of the day it's those whom you love that you need to preserve the most. And since my grandfather would always joke about the fact that I don't have a boyfriend, I think I need to get one in my life. Where can I order one?'

Preity Zinta: '2007 was professionally stressful. I did some of my most complex characters and at the end of the year I needed a break. Now in 2008, I will do some fun roles. My New Year resolution is to let my hair down and never let down those whom I love.'

Bipasha Basu: 'In 2008, I want to be fitter and healthier. I also want some more interesting work to come my way. And I want to travel a lot more in leisure.'

Kunal Kapoor: 'My new-year resolution? To shave at least once a week.'

Urmila Matondkar: 'Why make new year resolutions? I learn from my mistakes throughout the year.'

Kangana Ranaut: 'In 2008, I want to find love...but not the way you'd think. I want to find it within myself. I want to love myself so I can be a better person myself and for others. And I want to learn more stuff...play new instruments, read new books, see the world. I want to fly.'

Malaika Arora: 'Oh, I make New Year resolutions religiously every year and break them throughout the year. 2008 will be no exception.'

Dino Morea: 'I seriously don't look at the whole year. I take it a day at a time. I see every day as a struggle to do the right thing. So, I guess in 2008 I'll struggle even more. The one resolution that will remain with me through the year is to be good, to myself and to those I love.

Upen Patel: 'In 2008, I want to be a good human being. And I want to get love back into my life.'

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