Star Wars - casting Khan, Khan, and Khan!

The past few months have been, to be subtle, not those of peace between Bollywood's three ruling Khans.

And what seemed like a peak of wars raging among the stars, we now know it was only a beginning!

The past few months have been, to be subtle, not those of peace between Bollywood's three ruling Khans. (Of course, the fourth one, Saif, to neither be forgotten nor denied his appropriate stardom, has been busier with a debut home production, and a much sizzling romance!)

Back to the Khans who have made news far more times this year for wrong reasons than right, SRK, Salman and Aamir have taken their rivalry to another level. To get facts right, Aamir is only a belated introduction to the most recent issue, which revolves around the grand finale of the Couture Fashion Week, to be held from the 11th to 16th of October this year.

When Shah Rukh was bid to walk the ramp for old pal and confidante Karan Johar's collection, with wife Gauri Khan, it was just another event, another finale. Salman however had different plans. Almost accurately analyzing the presence of Katrina Kaif by his side to not be a stand-out enough factor to vie for King Khan's spot in this internationally viewed event, he went as far as making a personal request to the third competitor, Aamir Khan, to walk the ramp with him for his charity 'Being Human'.

It is no secret that Aamir rarely, if ever, succumbs to such social obligations. One will however recall how not long ago Salman had displayed immense colleague camaraderie by presenting Aamir two paintings of Ghajini before the release of the later blockbuster. Apparently, either the gesture has gone down very well for Bollywood's Stay-Aloof Khan, or the chance to avenge his rivalry against King Khan himself; either way Aamir, naming it as his contribution to Salman's thoughtful charity has agreed to take the walk.

And that is no small feat! What it brings us to now is a one Khan versus team of two in their race to add this grand finale to their accolades. Of course, far more than fashion and a walk, it is now a prestige issue, one for which results are eagerly awaited!

As fans of three superstars, we still have a reason to be happy - it will be an unprecedented chance to watch the three Khans walk the same ramp, one out of whom had refused all previous invites such.

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