Star Plus Mahaabharat scrapped?

There is no ray of light seen for the show in the coming future as the news coming in is that the channel has decided to scrap the show...

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Star Plus and Bobby Bedi''s Mahaabharat was once the talk of the tele-land, but suddenly everything has gone silent after the television strike took over last year. We wonder what the channel and the Producer are up to.

A source from the production house informs, "The show is scrapped from the channel as lots of money was needed. Alongside there was no slot for the same, hence the decision was taken".

We had already reported that the show might see dawn in April, 2009, but all looks bleak now.  "The latest news is that the show has been scrapped. However, Bobby has still not left hopes and was heard telling one of his colleagues that he would never part with the hope of getting the show launched someday", adds our source.

Another insider enlightened us further, "The channel was not happy with the star cast of the show. They demanded for lots of changes. With that, they preferred to shoot in Mumbai at Film City, but the producers did not agree. Bobby wanted to give it a real look, and so he wanted it to be shot in the forests around Delhi. Things went wrong and it resulted in the closure of the project".

The star cast for the grand epic was already finalized. Nirmal Pandey as Bheeshm, Gagan Malik as Krishna, Lillete Dubey''s sister, Lushin Dubey was to portray the role of Kunti. Manoje Biddvai was also roped in to play Karan.

The shoot was taking place in the jungles of Morna, near Delhi.

It seems Bobby believes in the phrase that, ''Where there is a will, there is a way''. Let''s see what future lies in store for his Mahaabharat…

Reporter and Author: Rachana Trivedi

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Comments (19)

Whether there is one channel or 25 channels does not matter up to a point. A show has to have something in it to bring the whole nation to a standstill. I mean, there were other shows than Ramayan on Doordarshan 20 years back. By what you said, why didn''t every single show bring India to a standstill? Why only Ramayan? You may not have liked Ramayan by Dr. RS, but you''re honestly one of two people I know who did not like it. That does not make it a boring show.

And of course each shot would be lengthened (though not unnecessarily as you say). It''s a serial, not a movie. If everything was fast paced, it would not be a serial, but more of a lengthened movie. And plus, it all has to do with personal preferences. Lots of people (like me) like to see things in Mythological Shows dragged on, because my love of Ramayan makes me want to watch as much of it as possible. But then again, if you did not enjoy that, that''s your own personal opinion.

As for the bad technology, you''re talking about the late 1980s. Give it some slack. You can''t expect something from 1986 to have the special effects of today. That''s not practical. I understand that many movies made during that time period had better special effects, but you''re talking about movies vs. serials. Serials need more resources, as they are laid out on a larger span of time. Ramanand Sagar did not have much resources, yet he made a serial that brought the country to a standstill. Which means that with excellent actors and an excellent storyline, special effects are not as important. People don''t care as along as the actors and storyline are good.

I too love BR Chopra''s Mahabharat, and agree that it was excellently taken, but I find it unfair to compare Ramayan and Mahabharat, even the serials, because both are derived from completely different epics, have completely different plots. The focus of Mahabharat is the Kur...

14 years ago


Dear, have you even watched Ramanand Sagar''s Ramayan? You seem to have forgotten that it brought India, a whole country, to a standstill for one hour! Can any of your modern trash bring a country to a standstill? I think not! Modern rubbish has no place in ancient Indian Epics, which is the central reason why Ekta''s mockery of a show did not become successful. When it comes to Mythological Serials, the Sagars are #1 for giving us such excellent shows as Ramayan (both old and new), Shri Krishna (old and new), Sai Baba, Ma Durga, etc.
Mark my words. Any director who makes an ancient Indian Mythological Show, but tries to bring modernity into it, his/her serial will not be remembered long (if it ever becomes famous), because the beauty of our epics lies in the devotion to God and the divinity of the characters. If that is missing because of your modernization, these so called mythological serials will never become famous, let alone hold a candle to such a serial as Ramayan by Ramanand Sagar. Do you know why it went into world records, received international awards from foreign countries, and brought a country to a standstill? Because of the divinity.

14 years ago

@pallvi25- really ramanad sagar ramayan is boring and long-winded :-/. did you watched the show or giving ur criticism to the show which has written its name to the world record as most appreciated and watched show. your this boring show has not only recived many national and international award but also the landmark for ramanad sagar. well BR chopra mahabharat and ramanad sagar ramayan both are excellent in its own way. both has done justice to two great epic. and your new modern stories , can you explain on what basis its better to the two great epic??

14 years ago

Agreed with hindu4lyf..this one must be better than kekta''s mahabharta...BUT seriously no one can Create Sagar''s Mahabharta Magic was just unspeechable

14 years ago

oh.. i was looking forward to this show, especially after seeing the IF article some months ago about it, the sketches of the scenario were really nice..

14 years ago

Ramanand Sagar didnt make the old Mahabharata. B.R. Chopra did! Sagars made Ramayana which was pretty boring and long-winded. Chopras made Mahabharata which was really exciting and rocking!
We would prefer this MB to Ekta''s horrible torture. But frankly speaking why not bring new modern stories instead of same old epics?

14 years ago

I didn''t particularly care about this being scrapped until I read that Nirmal Pandey would''ve been in it. Now I''m upset - Nirmal Pandey is awesome! :-(

14 years ago

The star cast sounded kinda weak for this one... I''ve not even heard of some of those names.

Anyways, mythologicals are a big risk... overall, maybe it was a wise move by the channel.

God bless.

14 years ago

The Ramanand Sagar Ramayan was the best one I have ever seen
I''m 15 now and when I think I saw it about when I was 6-7 years old. After I saw that I hated watching all theses other mythological shows becasue they never made any sense as the one Ramanand Sagar''s did. These ones always have too much exaggeration in them and seem very unrealistic....

14 years ago

Scrap ekta''s Mahabharata and bring this on instead! Anything is better than the torture she puts us through (with all due respect to the great epic itself).
But to be honest, no-one can recreate Ramanand Sagar''s Mahabharata ever again. It was a show that caused the whole of India to come to a standstill where people would shut their dabbas early just to come home and watch it. Used to be one hell of an awesome show!

14 years ago

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