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Star Plus launches Sangam!

An Insight on Star Plus new offering Sangam, read to know more!

Published: Thursday,Aug 09, 2007 19:36 PM GMT-06:00
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After the success of - Meri Awaaz ko Mil gayi Roshini, Fox television studios, India hits off with its new show - Sangam. Based on a regional Indian girl who has set her walk into the real world to fulfill her father’s dream, the story revolves around Ganga, who is like the son of the family. Ganga often goes out of her way to help out those in need, for her helping people in need comes before her own aspirations. We talk to the stars of Sangam and get an insight to the story, their experience shooting, and much more.

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After bagging the role of Sneha in Kasauti Zindagi Ki, Jennifer Winget now plays the female protaganist - Ganga in Sangam. Brave and confident, independent and aspiring is what truly defines Ganga. Extremely close to her father, daddy’s little angel takes the sole responslibity of making her father’s dream into reality. On asked about her take on the story, Jennifer says, “It’s a story of a girl who is from a small middle class family, but has always been treated like a princess. She leaves her father and comes to the city, and there she goes thru many twists and turns.” When asked Jennifer that what truly makes this show different, she answered, “This show is different with the concept and the way it has been potrayed.”

Next we have the one person who is the apple of the Ganga’s eyes - Master Deena Nath. Masterji (what he is popularly known as) is a man of Morals. Highly respected for his principles, Masterji has dedicated his life to the development of the town - Kundanpur. After been seen in shows such as KumKum, Shishir Sharma will now be seen as Master Deena Nath in the new show.

In Indian television, every female protagonist show comes with an added baggage - a female villain. In Ganga’s life the female villain is her own aunt - Rano Bua. Loud and obnoxious are just a few of the many shades of Rano Bua. We talk to Neelu Kohli who plays the vamp in the show, and get an insight to her side of the story. “I have put in a lot of input into the show. The director has wonderfully groomed us. Right from how natural it should be talking with paan in your mouth, to even making sure that everything is just perfect with the ambience of the set, is just mind blowing. The details that they have shown in the show, is what makes this show unique", says the new vamp in the making..

Like every princess has her prince charming, so does Ganga. Ganga comes face to face with a man, who resembles her. Sagar Bhatia (played by Chaitanya Choudhary) is a young dynamic man with power and success. Sagar cannot stand injustice done to anyone. Very tough looking from outside, Sagar is just as caring from the inside. Lets see what Chaitanya had to say about the story and his character. “I am playing the character of Sagar, just as my name - sagar, I am very calm and composed, and very deep. Sagar plays opposite Ganga, but there is someone else in his life, who he has made promises to."

Any story cannot be completed without the ‘bad man’. Yes, Ganga has a villan in her life who is all set to ruin her happy fairy tale. Madan, played by Shaleen Banot, is a wealthy goon in Kundanpur. Right from the local landlord to the biggest names in the city, all are scared of him. Madan however, has lost his heart to Ganga, and will go to any extent to get her. Lets see what Shaleen Banot has to say about this. “I play a really nice guy in the show. Very well cultured, I own an orphanage. Madan takes care of everyone (laughter) ok, jokes apart, Madan is a very paranoid guy. Madan does something wrong, because he is wrong. He is a negative, and there is no excuse to him being so”

When asked what truly makes the show unique, the creator of Bhabhi, Meri Awaz Ko Mil Gayee Roshini and Sangam replied: “The story is like, the way Gangotri flows from Shivji’s Jatyu, and flows out to the world. The same way, Sangam’s Ganga leaves her father and goes out into the world. We are not trying to do something drastically different, as we want to target all audiences.”

Will this show satisfy viewers' expectations? Or will it be another show gone unnoticed due to the repetitive concept? Well only time and the audience appreciation can tell. Catch Star’s newest daily soap,starting 20th August from Monday to Thursday at 7:00pm.

Reporter: Hiral Anju Bhatt
Author: Hiral Anju Bhatt

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yulZ 15 years ago thx...cant wait to watch.she looks beautiful ^__^
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silver_moon 15 years ago Jennifer's a really good actor. cant wait to watch her new show!!!....
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TrustYourSelf 15 years ago Can't wait!! i think it will be a great show!

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tina_sre 15 years ago Jennifer is really sweet ...can't wait to see her new show.
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manojisthebest 15 years ago wowwwwwwwww good to see Jenifer in other show
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adorablenabs 15 years ago thanx for the article.. the show sounds interesting.. cant wait to watch it!
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angelroses 15 years ago wow jenifer looking pretty as usual cant wait to see her serial it aint coming in Uk yet i fink so wil have to wait lol but wil wtch it on here
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tumhari? 15 years ago wow jenifer looks soooooo pretty thnx alot
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basanti_diya 15 years ago wow dyign to see jeenifer and that guys don't know his name but i love him
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-Krupa- 15 years ago I'm am really excited to watch this show!..Jennifer is one of my FAVORITE actresses!..& Chaitu & Shahleen are absolute cuties & I love Neelu Kohli!, she's hilarious!..i can't wait til the show start, its 8:30 for me!
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