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Ssara Khan TROLLED, Apologizes for her Burqa Remark

The actress was recently surrounded by a controversy and has apologized for her remark

Actress Ssara Khan is one name who has always been admist controversies and this time its no different.  For an upcoming song promotion the actress referred to the Muslim female garb Burqa and was trolled for her comments.  Ssara took to her social media and posted an apology about the same.  

"Since my above new song focused on slut shaming, I wanted to question the male gaze on women who wear short clothes.   Having said that  I realize that my choice of words was wrong and accordingly tender an apology to my  Muslim friends may Allah  Forgive me.  I respect all religions and don't want to hurt anyone's sentiments." 

"I repeat my intentions to support a woman right to live her life but alas things  went  awry.  I hope this apology end this matter for I wish to focus on my work.  I have one more music video called  Trend with Bollywood singer   Ramji   Gulati releasing tomorrow," signs off Ssara.  

While trolling is not a new phenomenon, Ssara should have definitely been more careful with words.  I guess we all fall and learn and Ssara sure has learnt her lesson and cleared up her intention!  

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Ssara Khan

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LovelyKiran482 2018-11-27T11:00:47Z Don't worry Sara we r wid u
Nd be careful n be strong always
Love u too sweetie
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