SRGMP Preview for Saturday

An episode full of surprises, as we bring you exclusive spoliers - read at your own risk !

After the great emotion packed show on Friday, the expectations on Saturday – the June 9th episode was quite high. This episode has been dedicated to two melodious MD’s of Bollywood, the two Mahagurus - Rajesh Roshan ji and Khaiyam Saab. Everyone’s favourite-Mouli Dave supposedly one of the main attractions of the day fails miserably in her performance and disappointing everybody! But when she is told to sing Maiyya Maiyya , she gives a brilliant performance ! It was at this point that Himesh Reshamiya reiterated his conviction that the participants should be allowed to showcase their strengths in whichever genre they are comfortable in, instead of experimenting with other categories and not keeping up to the standards.

Today, Brijesh Singh from Yalgaar gharana and Anita from Rock gharana also give disastrous performance. Brijesh sings “Dil Kya Kare” from the film Julie and his performance is pretty disappointing .Other contestants perform after him and get their share of praises and criticisms. Based on the performances, Anita and Brijesh get eliminated this week.

One highlight of the show today is - we get to see Vishal and Shekhar signing a contract with Junaid and Saberi for V&S records. After the results is out these two make a petition to the organizers to keep three contestants Anita, Desh and Brijesh in the Eklavya Gharana. Has Zee TV SRGMP production team agreed to this suggestion? To know these details, today’s episode (i.e. the Jue 9th) is surely a “must watch” show. The episode ends with a song by both Brijesh and Anita, the two eliminated participants this week and they sing “Jab Koi Baat Bigar Jaaye”.

The show surely promises to be gripping and there will be drama galore with the versatility issue making the C2007 headlines again.

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Rajesh Roshan

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H Singh

Comments (15)

i love abhiiiiiiiiiiiiii i wanted to meet yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

16 years ago

yup that tie and shit caught my eye too lol....

16 years ago

isnt abhi wearing the same shirt n tie that he wore at the Cannes

16 years ago

wow!I guess the Rock gharana is simply rocking!

Thankx alott!

16 years ago

Himesh always trying to pressuries judges

16 years ago

nice article i really like their singing style !!!

16 years ago

Yeppersss ! ;; JUNAIID ISINT OUTT=)

Thankss ! ~

16 years ago

interesting..but y do dey want d three contestants in eklavya gharana AGAIN??? n ya, Mauli dint do well...surprising! cant wait 4 d epi!! thnxxx!

16 years ago

Why himmy bhaiyya needs always attention.

16 years ago

Wonder why himesh had to influence the judgement of mahagurus by letting mauli sing Maiya maiya.... the result was he lost one contestant in his gharana

16 years ago

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