SRGMP Grand Finale - who will win this sangeet ka vishwayudh?

After weeks of fabulous performances and dramas galore, SaReGaMaPa Challenge 2007 has now reached its finale completing a journey that can be aptly expressed as Challenge 2007 - "Sangeeth ka Pratham Vishvayudh".

This show started with audition rounds, not just in India but globally, all around the world. Contestants from US, Canada, Pakistan, Middle East and even Africa got selected. The show flagged off with a new show director, a brand new host - Aditya Narayan, five musical maestros' – Himesh Reshamiya, Ismail Durbar, Bappi Lahiri and Vishal Shekhar from Bollywood as mentors for these contestants. After going through a roller coaster ride through this drama packed musical journey of the last many weeks, now we have reached its Grand Finale with three top contestants – Aneek Dhar, Amanat Ali and Raja Hasan.
When the three mega finalists were contacted today, they were all busy with stage rehearsals at Andheri Complex, where they are going to perform live on 13th October. But surprisingly all were in a very upbeat mood. When we inquired about how the preparations for the finals going on? Aneek makes sure to follow his mentor's style of replying and enthusiastically came back with "Superfine!! Mind-blowing!! Superb!! Fantastic!! Outstanding!! I think that tells all." The reply was enough to send the other two finalists on a laughing spree. Amanat, whose few family members have now joined him, was also in a light mood. He replied saying "Bindas preparations are going on. Earlier everyone saw us only singing. But now we are going to prove something more – That we are good dancers too." Even Raja laughingly agreed to the same "Yes this finale will see us dancing more. We are going to give the finale the picture of an event so that none feel that it's a competition".
The eliminated contestants have also joined them for the rehearsals and they all are having a whale of a
time. Ask any of the three finalists who do they think is going to win and they all end up taking the names of the other two. What about their journey with their mentors? "I was always a fan of Himesh Sir. So when I was selected for his Gharana I was really happy. He helped me a lot during these past few months and always had one thing to say – Aneek practice hard and think only of singing." Raja too thanked his mentors Vishal Shekhar for the support they have given him throughout the contest. "It is because of them that I could come back to the contest again. They always treated me like their younger brother. " Amanat got more emotional. "I was a fan of Ismailji even before I came to this contest. I had listened to all his compositions, be it Devdas, Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, and many more. So getting him as my mentor was like a dream come true. I can't even thank him for the love he showered of being a parent, brother, Guru in these last six months. He never let me feel miss my family." One thing is very evident. These contestants have formed a very good rapport with their mentors and also among themselves. With their easy camaraderie, their individual personality, behavior and good performances, they have brought in a very positive atmosphere into the show. 
And now everyone is anxiously waiting to know who will become the "Suro ka Sartaj". Their fans are leaving no stone unturned to see that their favourite win. But ironically the three finalists have a completely different thought process. All three agree on the same view – "When would tomorrow come so that we can show the whole world our performances." It was clear from their conversation that win or lose does not matter much to them. They have all won the hearts of millions of viewers and that of the maestros of the field. The compliments from the esteemed judges, recognition from the mentors and the love of millions of fans are their trophy. It is just a matter of time before they themselves hit the world of music and carve their individual niche. Our best wishes to all three.
Author: Barnali

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Bappi Lahiri

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Amanat Ali

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Aneek Dhar

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aneek 1st
raja 2nd
amaanat 3rd (ohhhhhhhhhh!)

16 years ago

heey peoplee
i wanted to ask something i just heard the most beatiful song on saregama but i dont know what song it is it goes like ; in dino main kehera .. and than i don't knoww

16 years ago

I dun want srgmp to end :'( but all gud things come to an end..........but the 3 will rock the house

16 years ago

All the three are the winners

16 years ago

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16 years ago

May the best one win!!

These contestants have a very good relationship among themselves!! Their interview came in Zee News and they were having such a good fun.

16 years ago

I want Aneek to win....he'z my fav....ALL THE BEST Aneek....May u win the Suro ka Sartaj title and make all ur fans proud of u.

16 years ago

im voting for him. everyone i spoke is for aneek. love u aneek!!

16 years ago

GREAT!!!!!Amanat is the best!!!

16 years ago

i want amanat 2 win but it doesnt seem possible now

16 years ago

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