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SRGMP Critical Review of the Episodes: 25th-26th May

Power packed entertainment episodes - that's what this week can be aptly called! It was nothing short of a bollywood blockbuster - had it all – the masala, the twists, the villains, songs, humor, emotion, drama and even an anticlimax.

Published: Monday,May 28, 2007 09:15 AM GMT-06:00
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SRGMP Critical Review of the Episodes: 25th-26th May
Performance wise, this week showed a lot of improvement. Sikander was outstanding. His emotional angle I am sure would have touched a few hearts. I really enjoyed his prompt and cheeky response to Ismail Ji on Friday when he asked Sikander how he was. Sikander’s instant reply with a straight face was –“Allah ki reham se maa ki dua se public ki demand se tip top".

The first performance by Wasi and Jyoti on Friday was not upto the mark. But they showed a lot of improvement the next day. The second performance by Joy, after donning Himesh’s cap, was really applaudable. Wonder if it was the magic of “TheTopi”?? If only Himesh was there then he would have definitely awarded Joy his most coveted prize of this season – “Roti”. Well, Shekhar and Ashaji in unison did the honours on Himesh’s behalf. Joy’s comments about his mother somehow brought back some old memories of C-2005. The contestant is again from the same state - Assam, the same emotional mother angle, only difference, this time round it’s from Rock Gharana. Well future episodes will tell what course this new drama takes.

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SRGMP Critical Review of the Episodes: 25th-26th May
The most conspicuous thing on Saturday was a “cap minus its owner”. Himesh had to be away on shooting, so he handed over his baton oops!! “topi” to Shekhar to take charge of his gharana. Shekhar also got into the “Shoes” of Himesh and not just the “Topi” by even promising “Roti” to Himesh’s contestant Joy Chakraborty in a very “Himeshiana style”.

Atlast Bappida was finally found to speak a bit more in this episode. Otherwise it seemed that he was carrying the same “Gold” in his attitude too by following the “Golden” quote – Silence is Golden. But then maybe he is trying to make up for the long discourses by Himesh. The "scripted" slip-of-tongue word “Saaliya” in place of “Taliya” for Imran by Aditya was done very naturally. Seems, Aditya is really getting into the role of host.

Most disappointing contestant was Imran from Hit Gharana. I am yet to understand what made Vishal and Shekhar make the statement that he is a “final material”. He was indeed a surprise package! No one ever expected him to be such a “not so final” material. Amongst the boys, Imran not getting qualified for round 2 is no big surprise.

SRGMP Critical Review of the Episodes: 25th-26th May
This was Ashaji’s last episode. In these few episodes, she imparted lot of entertainment and shared her knowledge with the contestants but her last act of eliminating Sarika somehow left a bitter feeling amongst many. It’s still a big question mark as to on what basis was Sarika eliminated, when actually she got the most praises from the Guru’s and Ashaji herself. So shocked was Sarika that she collapsed on the sets right away.

Wish Ashaji had stayed back to atleast clarify the basis of this questionable judgement. I found it a little strange that Ashaji’s farewell was held before the girls’ result was declared and she left immediately after that. Why, I wonder…..

Contact Writer: PM Barnali

P.S. The opinions expressed in here is strictly those of the author. So for more information please contact the author only.ALSO READ: Shakti Arora expresses excitement as Star Plus show 'Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin' reaches 1000 episodes

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Anishma mahabier @anishma24 16 years ago this was really a great review!
thanks so much
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Ammu @ammmu 16 years ago THankoo for the article Barnalidi, and yah, that is true, Ashaji did leave right after the judgement... wish we couldve known why though! overall
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advil @advil 16 years ago Agree.Ashaji should have atleast given her reasons for selection,so that there would be no doubt left in the minds of audience .
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tangina r
Tangina Rahman @tangina r 16 years ago i havent seen this weeks performances yet so i cant judge but i guess there getting better with time;)
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shiba @batel4 16 years ago Mauli (USA) is best, mind blowing,
she is realy best,no word
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Guardian Angel
Minali The Great @Guardian Angel 16 years ago Yes there was a huge improvement this time round. I really enjoyed Sikandar's song rendition. I too donot understand why Ashaji left before Sarika was officially eliminated.... was this planned? However, I feel Ashaji is very versatile and knowledgeable and her judgement should be accepted. I didnot find Sarika any better than Jyoti or Rachel.

I felt very disappointed with Aditya. He is very smart n all but there is no one on one contact with the contestants like Shaan had. I dinot like his dry statement that one of the girls has to be eliminated.... there was no emotion there. I missed Shaan!

Shekhar doing HR was absolutely great.

Imran.... what a disappointment. He seemed to be crying all the time too.

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Prerna @Prenz~13 16 years ago i don;t understand y Asha Tais farewell was held before girls elimination..but I still feel Asha tais decision was rite..
gud article!!
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Mahesh Vasavada @vasamv 16 years ago The only jarring note,apart from the expected dramatics,was Sarika's elimination.Ashaji may have her own reasons based on vast experience,but for once the four mentors were right in objecting to the verdict.
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Kiran @kimmu 16 years ago If only this article had more info on Sarika, I really want to know what happened to her...poor girl:(
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Divya @blamed_x_myself 16 years ago Yea.. i rly dont like her judgement.. infact.. i never did.. no offense to ashaji's fans.. but the thing is i love her and her singing.. but she cant judge.. she can surely be a teacher / guru.. but i feel she shouldnt judge.. i feel her judgements are unjustifiable..
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