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SRGMP Critical Review of the Episodes: 1st and 2nd June

Another Week of Action-Packed Music, here is the Review for this Week's Episodes of SRGMP!!

Published: Sunday,Jun 03, 2007 21:45 PM GMT-06:00
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SRGMP Critical Review of the Episodes: 1st and 2nd June
This week heralded the beginning of Round 2 of the contest and therefore introduction of new Mahagurus - Khayyam Saab and Rajesh Roshanji. The theme for the two days was also something beautiful – Friday was Ismail Darbar’s songs and Saturday was Raj Kapoor’s songs. But unfortunately these Maha Gurus were not giving any insightful comments to the contestants for future improvement. Seems they were too busy securing their peaceful future here at the show! They seemed to be in agreement to whatever the mentors said, perhaps they were testing the waters before taking the plunge and getting the “debating” mentors wrath, oops I mean ”point of views” directed upon themselves so soon!

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SRGMP Critical Review of the Episodes: 1st and 2nd June
This weeks’ show stealer positively was Ismail Darbar’s violin recital on Friday and the medley of Raj Kapoor songs put together by Aditya and all the participants on Saturday. Performance wise, sorry to say, but none of the participants performed brilliantly enough to stand out on either of the days. If they were perfect on sur and taal, then they faltered in the feel area. The worst performance was by the girls. Meghna, the eliminated one was too bad but the other two were no better. Sumedha was the only good one and so rightfully got direct entry into the Agni Pariksha round. I agree, the two rounds were really tough but still maybe they did not try to their full potential. Amongst the boys, Apurva performed the best on Friday and got the well deserved green card. Through Amanat Ali was good, he has some breath-control problems which became audible at a few places, something that he needs to work on. Could not find much difference in the singing of Tushar, the eliminated contestant and Sunil, the contestant from Sundernagar .

SRGMP Critical Review of the Episodes: 1st and 2nd June
Today, apart from the medley, the highlight was the difference of opinion between the Rock Gharana and Hit It Gharana mentors, regarding Tushar’s performance and there was a show down between Vishal and Himesh. Vishal somehow has a habit of not letting Himesh complete his review. But among all what was the best part… any guesses!!! The ever silent Sekhar finally spoke! Bappida also spoke bit more and also declared this Vishvayudh to be the World Cup. That reminds me the wrist movement of Himesh when he was singing. He could be the answer to the bowling coach that Indian team is looking for. Or maybe a good choice for a fusion dances of Rock and Bharatnatyam. If tomorrow his remixes fails he can always look onto these fields.

But I am yet to understand why Himesh has to sing in every episode and that too without invitation. Also seems he has made it a point to see that his eliminated contestants have secured “Roti” in the future, so making promises to give them all a chance in his next album or live show. By the way, why was Vishal sitting in the studio with those dark glasses? No wonder Maha Guru Khayam was all time repeating “Chashme Baddur”.

Contact Writer: PM Barnali

P.S. The opinions expressed in here is strictly those of the author. So for more information please contact the author only.

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Payal Patel @Payal25 15 years ago I simply hated this movie.
It was disgusting.

no offense.

nice review btw.
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Anisha @Cuhrazy.Anisha 16 years ago lolz thnx fr d review himesh.....bowling coach [:D]
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the coolest one
the coolest one @the coolest one 16 years ago wow barnalidi i agree with you all the way.most of the singers ranged from bad to worse though i think amaanat,sumedha and apurva are pretty good.but then these 3 are really the best in the show
my real concern this year is the girls division they seem pretty bad to me.
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Appa Rao Hoare @apparaohoare 16 years ago I don't have anuthing to say. You covered it all. The mahagurus in this round seems TOATLLY WORTHLESS. Sorry to say but Khayyam sounded like a Kata hua record saying the same thing to all the contestants that does not make any sense. Rajesh Roshan did a pretty decent job considering that this was his first appearance ever as a judge.

Now coming to singing. Meghna was the worst singer I have heard in a long long time. Her shaky voice/noise was nauseating, but the remaing 7 was nothing exceptional. Pretty lousy overall. Sumedha was the the saving grace to some extent, but could not concentrate on her singing a whole lot, because my eyes were more active than my ears. Kidding.

I don't even want to comment on Himmy. He and his comments makes me sick.
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Sumayyah Parkar @sp87 16 years ago A very amusing and honest review!! I hope Himesh reads this and learns something from it! Also, what's with his clothes????
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advil @advil 16 years ago Loved the parting shot-the Chashme Baddur part. Too Good !
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Anishma mahabier @anishma24 16 years ago great review yaar!!
i just missed asha tai so much
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Rubina @Rubina 16 years ago I don't mean to offend any Himesh fans but I think that he needs to learn that he isn't the best singer in the world. I mean sure he has had a few hits but that doesn't give him the right to brag about his success. I find it very irritating when he begins to sing his songs during the show without any invitations. The show is about the contestents not you Himesh. I also think the ongoing fights between Himesh and Vishal are pointless and taking away from the real purpose of the show which is to give rise to new talent. I have a feeling this round of SaReGaMaPa isn't going to be as sucessful as those in the past
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