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Splitsvilla X3: Team Aditi defeats Team Kat; Dhruv Malik wins the task

Here’s what’s in the store for the viewers of MTV Splitsvilla X3.

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Aditi, Kat and Dhruv

Courtesy : Aditi, Kat and Dhruv's Instagram

MTV Splitsvilla X3 is getting quite interesting with each passing episode. The last dome session was one of the most interesting dome sessions until now of the season. In the major turn of events, Kat and Kevin had to dump their best friends Gary and Avantika.

In the upcoming episode, seven boys and seven girls play an interesting task related to dumb charades. The female contestants get divided into two teams based on chit system. Team Kat gets Palak, Bhoomika and Sapna while team Aditi gets Nikita and Aarushi. The boys will have to enact a film from the chit while one girl from both the team compete against each other to run and play the gong. The winning girls’ team gets the chance to guess the movie enacted by the boy. For every right guess, the boy will get three hearts mark from the girls. The boy who earns the maximum number of hearts would win the challenge.

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Team Aditi despite having a smaller number of members perform exceedingly well and maintains a lead. In the last round the competition gets neck to neck as Sapna and Aarushee fight it out to play the gong. Aarushi wins the round and hence her team too wins the challenge. Dhruv gets maximum number of hearts as he enacts well and make the girls understand correct names of the movies. 

Aditi, Nikita, Aarushee and Dhruv get the immunity in the upcoming dome session.

Currently the show has contestants like Kevin Almasifar, Kat Kristian, Nikita Bhamidipati, Samarthya Gupta, Trevon Dias, Aarushi Chib, Dhruv Malik, Sapna Malik, Jay Dudhane, Aditi Rajput, Nikhil Malik, Shivam Sharma, Pallak Yadav and Bhoomika Vasishth.

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