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Splitsvilla X3: Shivam and Pallak get saved; Gary and Avantika eliminated for going against friends

Gear up for one of the most entertaining dome session of MTV Splitsvilla X3

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Shivam, Pallak, Gary and Avantika

Courtesy : Shivam, Pallak, Gary and Avantika's Instagram.

The upcoming dome session of MTV Splitsvilla X3 is one of the most awaited dome sessions. The game will take an unexpected turn. Shivam, Pallak, Dhruv, Gary and Avantika are in the danger zone. While the power to dump will lie in the hands of the couple who becomes the ideal match or it goes to the first ideal match of the season Kevin and Kat.

Jay and Aditi being the second ideal match get the opportunity to save one of the contestants in the danger zone. While Shivam expected that JayDiti will save him, they saved Pallak. Jay reasoned the same saying that if a girl and a boy has to go, she saved Pallak from the five contestants in the danger zone. So that, Avantika would straight away get eliminated while her connection Gary can be the boy who’ll get eliminated. 

The first twist of the dome session was that both the winning couples Samarthya-Nikita and Trevon-Arushi will be given the chance to go the oracle. But which side they’ll go would depand upon the bottom five contestants. Samarthya and Nikita pitched that they want to go for the golden oracle, while Trevon-Arushi wanted to go for silver oracle. Sam-Nikki were counting on their friends Dhruv, Avantika and Gary to vote in their favor and get them to the golden oracle. However, Gary and Avantika voted against them and thus Sam-Nikki had to go to the silver oracle while Trevon and Arushi went for the golden side. Sam and Nikki became the compatible couple. Trevon and Arushi decided to dump Shivam if they became the ideal match. However, Trevon-Arushi didn’t become the ideal match and as per the consequence, they were asked to stand in the unsafe zone. Meanwhile Sam and Nikki got the opportunity to go to the golden side and Sapna was asked to join Dhruv in the unsafe zone. 

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Since Trevon and Arushi didn’t become the ideal match, the person who they wanted to dump (Shivam) got saved. Now, Kat and Kevin were asked to dump one girl and one boy. Trevon itched to him stating that Gary and Avantika went against them and voted agaist Sam-Nikki and hence they should be dumped. With a heavy heart, Kat and Kevin dumped Avantika and Gary.

While Boombam team members rejoiced, it was one of the saddest dome sessions for Kat and Kevin as both their best friends had to leave the show because of them.

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