Sony to cease Waqt..

The not much old show of Sony, Waqt Batayega Kaun Apna Kaun Paraya is all set to bid adieu to its audience...

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The not much old show of Sony, Waqt Batayega Kaun Apna Kaun Paraya is all set to bid adieu to its audience. The show started on 14 April 2008 but due to low TRP’s its going off air.

Our Khabroo informs that, “The channel has decided to end the show though the final date is yet to be decided.”

Sanjay Upadhya, Head of Fiction, Sony says, “We have put the show on notice as the ratings were not picking up.” 

We called up the lead actor Sachin Shroff to confirm the news. “I have not heard anything officially from the production house. I just know that we got an extension lately and we are shooting daily,” he chirps. Another actress from the same show Eva Grover who plays aunt to Rudra (Payal Sarkar) confirms the news as she quips that, "The show is being taken off air". 

If sources are to be believed, there are number of factors that went against this Creative Eye venture on Sony. “Firstly the protagonist of the show Payal got ill due to which the production house had to make number of changes. Remember the kidnapping sequence and the entry of Rucha Gujarati as fake Rudra.”

It seems Mukesh Khanna who plays Rudra’s father is also not happy with the changes that have been brought in after the main Payal's return. "Instead of showing the father- daughter relationship which was supposed to be the crux of the show, the creative’s focused on getting Rudra married. That entailed a new set of characters to which audience did not accept. They could have played around with the original family for a few more months as there were adequate tracks waiting to be explored", said Khanna

“The final nail in the coffin could have been the introduction of the reincarnation track. A family drama becomes a horror story,” concludes our source.

Waqt is racing against the game of TRP’s on the channel. Let see what fate has to say!!

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honest opinions
like it

15 years ago

I feel sorry for Sony as it the 1st Channel
I got hooked on because it gave us all :

Angad (Iq) n Kripa (Neha) = Kaisa Ye Pyaar Hai (My 1st luv)
Kuch iss Tara = was a refreshin effort (yah my show..lolz)
Kkusum (Garv-Kkumud) / Yeh Meri Life Hai(Ronit-Pooja)
Kutumb = Prob 1 of the best shows they had ever

Ambar dhara started good par ended
as did..Kkusum..Kulvaddhu..Jassi jaisi koi nehin
Kaajal..Aisa des hai mera..Thodhi khushi thodhe gham
aur soooooooo many more..They ended KYPH suddenly 2

They are terrible @ maintaining a show
aur need to really concentrate on what
Their viewers want to see

15 years ago

the shows that have been axed recently would have probably done much better on other big channels like zee or star.

15 years ago

sony has gone downhill....many serials hv flopped in the recent past like virrudh (started with a very good storyline and had strong actors, but failed to sustain the gud elements), ambar dhara (again failed after a stupid murder track), akela (failed to get gud stories), ayushman (after lead actor changed), durgesh nandini (double role track was silly), ek ladki anjani si (i stopped watching after few months), jite hai jiske liye (made a promising start but ended up with a jail track for renuka), kulvaddhu, sakshi, karamchand, tujhko hai salaam zindagi.
also evry soon sujata and baabul ka aangan chootey na will also end as they r becoming boring with the new twists

15 years ago

Similar thing happened with Kuch Iss Tara no show survives on SONY !! KIT Kaajjal were having excellent storyline still they were axed !!! Good storyline or low TRP all get axed on SONY !! Not worth it for soaps Only for reality show !!!

15 years ago

very good decision.............these days,,,sony's serials r kutumb ....a blast serial is very much needed 2 agin trp s

15 years ago

Sony is a loser channel, always ending its shows instead of haranguing with the show creatives to change and modify the tracks. They pulled so many good shows off air without giving them a chance.

But its true WB changed drastically with the stupid ghost house/horror show theme. They shd have continued with original family and shown the older brother/ Rudra's father return and Rudra reclaiming her heritage as the real daughter of the family.

15 years ago

I am not shocked at all! Sony always takes its shows off air just for trps! So many great shows (like Kaajjal, Salaam Zindagi, and Amber Dhara) were ended soooo badly in such a short time! Looks like the channel is undergoing shani.

15 years ago

why cant they keep the show on> ? :S

15 years ago

Gah, they keep taking Sony shows off the air!
Man :(

15 years ago

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