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Sony Entertainment Television introduces CID's 'Most Wanted'

Shahbaz Khan character 'Don' challenges the experience of ACP Pradyuman led CID team in the new season of Sony's path breaking show CID's, which will air as 'CID Most Wanted.' .


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CID's 10 years experience and reputation in solving crime and catching criminal of CID will be tested like never before. Each of these criminals in the CID's most wanted list this season is a criminal extra-ordinary - sharp, intelligent, ruthless and lucky.

The first to feature in this series is a don (Shahbaz Khan) who has spent last four years of his life plotting revenge against the CID team who had sent him to jail five years back.
Mimicry being his forte, he uses it to the max to lay an intricate web of intrigue to trap the investigators.

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His aim : to kill the men involved in nabbing him and sending him to jail for leading a narcotics gang.

Will the 10 years of experience match the wit of this ingenious most wanted… Watch out for ACP Pradyuman and his team solve and crack the toughest cases so far…Stay tuned to CID's 'Most Wanted' every Friday at 10.00 p.m. only on Sony Entertainment Television.

The new series begin from Aug 10, 2007.

Author: Minnie Gupta


Shahbaz Khan

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o|oNaTaShAo|o 12 years ago lolz....i don't believe this...........btw thx for the wonderful article
Monika__29 12 years ago i watched the ep i i was so shocked ,it was really good and breathtaking!!
umi82990 12 years ago Everyone, please watch CID and come to the forum to tell us your views!!

Great article/pictures!!

Enjoyed it!
Barishkiduaa 12 years ago OMG!!

will watch for sure !!!
looks like great MOSt Wanted series lolz

tnx for the info
kothra 12 years ago I always love to watch CID..n nw it will bcum more interesting
tazy_rahul 12 years ago i juss cant wait to see it
by the way nice article
o|oNaTaShAo|o 12 years ago cool....I can't wait for the first episode to start...
Too_Much 12 years ago hope this kinda change works out for them
-Krupa- 12 years ago I am looking forward to this!..I love watching CID, CID Special Bureau etc.!..
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