Sonu Nigam Back on Indian Idol

Emon Chaterjee had an Evening to Cherish with his Idol Sonu Nigam! Catch all the Action in this week's Gala!

Friday August 17th is a day which the Indian Idol contestant Emon Chatterjee will never forget. Emon was on the sets when the song Har Ghadi Badal Rahi hai started playing. And on the sets arrived a hooded figure. Emon must have been hoping it was Sonu but how could that be possible. Sonu was in the US. And when the hood comes off, it was dream come true for Emon as in front of him was none other than his idol Sonu Nigam, of whom he is a die hard fan. 

To Emon, Sonu Nigam is like almost like a God. He had not only plastered his room at his Kolkata residence with the posters of this singer but makes sure to celebrate Sonu’s Birthday every year with a cake. More than becoming the Indian Idol he wanted to meet his idol in person or atleast performs once in front of him. As his luck would have been Sonu was not a part of this season’s Indian Idol as he had overseas concerts. 

So finally on this day Emon got the chance of his life time – To sing in front of his God and that he did in the best possible manner. He opened the Gala Round with singing the song Tu…(Sonu’s Album). But what awaited him after that was something maybe Emon never imagined. He got the biggest compliment ever from none other than Sonu Nigam himself - "I don't think he copies my style of singing. He sings in his own original voice and it is great!" We can very well imagine Emon’s happiness!!

But it was after that is something everyone would remember too. As we all know how good Sonu is in doing mimicry of senior singers to perfection. This time Emon too joins his Guru and the Guru-Shishya jodi take turn to mimic all the judges with Udit Narayn personally requesting Sonu to do for him!! The whole set was brought to a laughter round with these two performing all their antics. But before leaving the sets Sonu gave a momento to Emon. It was a picture of the diety that he believes a lot and makes sure to have it with him when he starts recording. We hope to see Emon in the recording studio too soon!

So finally Emon’s dream of not just meeting his idol but also performing in front of him has come true. Sony made sure that it’s a days which Emon possibly would never forget. 
Moving to the Performances, Sonu thought Puja's  rendition of Shubha Mudgal's Ruth saawan ki ….was very good while Javed Akhtar publicly asked her forgiveness for his past comments about her singing. If Alisha thought Puja was better than the original, then Javed said the same about Chang's performance. Ankita did what she does best performance on stage. After hearing Prashant Udit Narayan declared that the fight for the title just got tougher. Amit once again walked away with all the praise  for his Mai ri…
With such excitement, one cannot afford to miss the next gala round. Watch this moment come alive on Friday August 17 th at 9 pm only on Sony Entertainment Television.
A Special about the Indian Idol team:
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well im totally fida over srk! SLB or no SLB, it wont change! i just love him! :D

16 years ago

No offense to SLB but we 40 year old women like our 40 year old heroes just fine, thank you!

16 years ago

the way SRK hogs the limelight , anyone may get insecure

but both films are vry diff and on diwali the business is big so no worries 4 SLB

remember 2004 % big films released on Diwali weekend and none made any losses (VeerZara was the top-earner)

16 years ago

ok.. snide remarks at the competition??

I hope OSO blows the box office away.. and then we'll see what he has to say!

16 years ago

nice news, best of luck for both oso & Saawariya.

16 years ago

omg wots up wif im
wats up wif his hair well woz up wif his hole style

16 years ago

wonderful article, teh show was great.

16 years ago

awww thats so sweet!! cnt wait for tonight :D

16 years ago

Great article and pictures!

Enjoyed it!!

16 years ago

finally i wanted him to come for soooooo long!

16 years ago

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