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Sonu Nigam and Mallika Sherawat, the first 'Yaaron ki Jodi'...

"Kaho Na Yaar Hai" starting on Star Plus will see Mallika Sherawat and Sonu Nigam as their first guests. Catch all the fun, frolic and masti and magical moments on the first day first show only on Star Plus.

Published: Friday,Jan 18, 2008 16:45 PM GMT-07:00
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Sonu Nigam and Mallika Sherawat, the first Yaaron ki Jodi...

"Kaho na Yaar hain", the much talked about new show based on friendship is scheduled to hit show time on Friday night on Star Plus. There is already a lot of excitement built up about this show to be hosted by the cool dude rock star of Television and the heartthrob of millions - Karan Patel.

This show is all about friendship. In every episode two celebrity guests will come along with their friends and take part in interactive fun games played between the two celebrities to test their compatibility as friends. And the celebrity guests of the first episode are two Bollywood sensations - The sizzling siren - Mallika Sherawat and King of Melody - Sonu Nigam. The show promises to be a fun lover's delight. 

Mallika Sherawat's response to the brain teasers left copartner Sonu Nigam and all others present there in splits. In a question-answer round, she was quizzed about the time taken for 3 eggs to boil, if one egg took 3 mins, and she promptly replied 9!!! Her impromptu response had Sonu Nigam and all others present on the sets roll with laughter. This does not end here. Mallika was trapped by her own friends during this round and she ended into agreeing being called Sonu's sister.

There are many more such priceless moments of the Mallika-Sonu interactions in the show. This fun filled entertaining episode also treats the viewers with some brilliant mimicry from Sonu best being his story on the interaction between him and street dogs. Sonu not only makes sure to keep the audience laughing but also treat them all to some of his melodious chart busters.

The first episode looks very promising. Watch out for all this and much more fun in the first episode of 'Reliance Mobile Kaho Na Yaar Hai', featuring Mallika Sherawat and Sonu Nigam on Star Plus, Friday, January 18 at 8 pm.
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desi chic
desi chic @desi chic 15 years ago I watched that and it was pretty funny. Karan is doing a great job as host and I like his long hair lol. Mallika sure did have some huge aandeys!

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Mansi Sharma @music_rules 15 years ago ooooooo sonu niigaam......ahhhhhhh i don't have star plus though.......
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Nazneen @SiriuslySujal 15 years ago Awwww man... I must see this! Sonu and Mallika... priceless stuff!
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Shazeen @miss5stars 15 years ago i didnt even get the egg joke until i read wht it said on the comments.. hahaha
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-shehzaadi- @-shehzaadi- 15 years ago omg omg omg i need the video of this!!! and by the way why did they only put mallika's pic???:( they should have put one of sonu nigam also!
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Aanya @kisnatulsi 15 years ago thanks...awsome article.....funnny...>LOLZ
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tangina r
Tangina Rahman @tangina r 15 years ago one egg takes 3 mins tht means 3 eggs put together would take 3 mins simple.
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Lara @fly2me 15 years ago it was funny when she did not answer the egg question corrctely!..LOL, sonu was laughing.
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shivanggi @shivanggi 15 years ago yah your right 3*3 is 9 but if your going to boil the 3 eggs at thesame time its 3 minutes...right?
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simz @live_life 15 years ago the egg answer is 9 isn't it? 3*3 is 9........lol i dun get it
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