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Sonia breaking through her image of being negative

After being extremely popular for her negative role on Indian Television, Sonia breaks thru her image of being negative.

Known to be among the most popular vamps on Indian Television, Sonia is headed towards a drastic change to her stereotyped image. Sonia is a part of Star One’s - Dill Mill Gaye, where she plays the character of - Keerti Mehra, a strict doctor, who makes life difficult for the interns.

We talk to Sonia and get an insight to her character in the show, her future projects, and how does she feel about her versatile roles.

Tell us something about your role in the new show:

I play a character called - Keerti Mehra, who is a strict professor who makes life a little difficult for the interns. She isn’t a negative character, thank-fully (laughter).

How is it been playing a positive character for the first time on Indian television?

I am so glad that I am not playing a vamp. It was time I began doing something different. Its been a little difficult actually, playing positive. Between the shots, the director has to cut the shot, as my expressions look negative, so it was difficult at first, but I am sure soon, I’ll get the hang of it.

There have been rumors that you might return to KumKum, is that going to happen anytime soon?

I don’t know, I was to start shooting soon with them, but things didn’t work out, the production has asked me to join them, in the first week of September, lets see how that works out.

A final note take on your new show?

Its something very different, my character, the story, everything. So be on a lookout for Dil Mil Gaye.

We wish Sonia the very best for her new change of direction. Catch Dill Mill Gayee on Star One.

Reporter: Hiral Anju Bhatt

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-Believe- 2007-10-01T02:05:40Z b4 we got chance to see regionl lang film in DD. keep the identity wishes
shweta1 2007-09-17T05:58:06Z i like her role in dil mil gaye all the best dr .kirti
tumhari? 2007-08-26T21:39:40Z she looks pretty with out the layers off makeup thnx
Angelic_J 2007-08-26T17:57:41Z Thank u for the article it was very well written but it would be better if in future you include which serial the actor has worked in as some people might not be aware of it:$
manny2rock 2007-08-26T12:51:12Z me to...i like in her DMG......thx god shez not a vamp.....
Tiya_I 2007-08-26T12:02:57Z I like her role in Dill Mill Gaye ;)
np-rox 2007-08-26T09:23:19Z I'm liking her role in DMG..But she really sometimes expression of being negative..I noticed that
AnotherMiracle 2007-08-26T07:47:25Z like her character in DMG even tho shez strict!
**sanya** 2007-08-26T06:50:11Z kwl
she's pretty

mi name is sonia 2
priyankap 2007-08-26T05:32:18Z thnx...her role in DMG is diff n its ddiff accptng her in such a role
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