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Soketu Parikh exhibition -A Huge Success

The day Soketu's exhibition of paintings was unveiled ,the show witnessed whos who from the world of art ,films, music and fashion.

Published: Monday,Jan 07, 2008 15:27 PM GMT-07:00
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The day Soketu's exhibition of paintings was unveiled ,the show witnessed whos who from the world of art ,films, music and fashion.

Attendees of the show were Nisha Kothari Meena Hingorani Ashwini Kakkar, Prakash Shah (Indian High Commission) and Radhika ,Vinod Nayar and Joan,Vani Tripathi ,Atul Tiwari, Anuradha Tandon, Ash Chandler,Dipen Parekh, Viren Shah, Kamlesh Hemdev,Pratap Sarnaik, Avinash Wadhwa and Natasha,Narayani Shastri,Kanwaljeet Singh,Varsha Usgaokar,Kiran Sippy etc

Soketu is providing an opportunity through his paintings to get close to experiencing the magic of hidden agendas and buried emotions by hosting this exhibition. Art Expressions which was unveiled by .Mr.Subhash Ghai on the 6th of January and will be on till the 10th of January 2008.

These acclaimed and highly intense paintings reveals the hidden secrets of the heart that are always left unsaid or speak the heart out

Soketu states, "My art is a part of my spiritual journey which began a few years back . I have had some fabulous encounters with cosmic energy and I "see" that the constant flow of cosmic energy rules my life. Today I am a professional artist. My only tutor has been my inner expression. But having said that let me say - past the teaching, the books and the training, it is ultimately within the creator; who cannot be taught it is self directed . Our creation, when shared with others, we part with an intangible piece of ourselves."

He adds, "We find our darkest themes as we climb the ladder of our divine soul. More precious is when this path brings much, soul's evolution to share in a magnificent creative birth. We forget our divine origin as experiences condition us". I have attempted to express on canvas with humility and thirst for more, creative inspirations of soul's evolution, letting off the mask of tradition to rescue the inner innocence, the breath within me to reach out to the source of energy."

Soketu Parikh is currently President of Bombay Productivity council. He is the recipient of Udyog Pragati award, International Platinum. Star Award for quality commitment - Madrid, Spain He is the first Indian to receive a Gold Medal. At the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York in the year 1980 for highest scholastic award. He started his career as a Hon. Lecturer, paper setter and an examiner at SASMIRA.

He has now retired from active business to pursue his soul's evolution. His passion is Numerology, which enables him to share his knowledge to improve quality of people's life. And paintings are a medium where a shade of colours on canvas in the form of art he chooses for expression of his souls experiences.

Soketu strongly belives what Pablo Picasso once said, "There are painters who transform the Sun into a yellow spot ,but there are others who, thanks to their art and intelligence, transform a yellow spot into the Sun." -(SAMPURN)

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