Sneha Jain: People feel we are just making money and becoming famous

Acting has always been Sneha Jain’s first love.

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Sneha Jain

Acting has always been Sneha Jain’s first love. Starting from learning the art from Barry John’s institute to doing theatre, the Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 actor made sure to brush her skills to be better in the field. Every time she takes up a character, she follows a proper preparation process to make sure she becomes the part and is able to convince the audience with her performance. 

“Sometimes I am able to just read the scene and do it, and there are times I just get into it and do it and plan everything from expressions to movements. Both require different kinds of mental set-up and process. In a TV drama, you don’t have much to do but in some romantic scenes or something out-of-the-box, you have the scope to try out different things. With me, I think I perform well under pressure, and it depends from scene to scene. That’s when I know each and everything and don’t fumble and finish everything in one take,” she says.

Being in the industry for quite some time now, the actor feels this profession is often misunderstood. She explains why.


“People feel that we are just making money and becoming famous. But then they forget about our creativity and hard work. People think that we are just doing Saas-bahu shows that work for years. But it’s very difficult to sustain. One of my friends Vishal Jethwa has been a part of television and is now doing movies. When we met, we talked about TV and films and he said that TV is very difficult and people don’t appreciate your work that much and don’t give credit to actors. Here we are doing back-to-back scenes and changing our make-up and costume. The work pressure and schedules are long. It requires a bigger unit. I have worked in storms, mud and harsh sun. We put in a lot of effort. We are tied into this as we have to entertain the audience Mon to Sat. We can’t match up to the competition of OTT or films as we don’t have liberty of time. So imagine how creative and efficient people in the industry are,” she adds.

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