Sneha Jain on her Mahakal Temple visit in Ujjain: The power was so pure, I felt so peaceful

Sneha Jain recently visited the Mahakal temple in Ujjain.

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Sneha Jain

Sneha Jain recently visited the Mahakal temple in Ujjain. The actor shares about experiencing beautiful, spiritual moments that would stay with her forever.

“I wanted to go there for years but as they say it, until you get the calling from the Almighty, you can’t go. So, this time I got the chance to go there.  The best part about my trip was that it was my mom’s birthday so we thought to go there and take the blessings. My mom, sister, best friend and her mom, and I, all took a train. The journey was amazing as we travelled by train after so long. We booked the nearest hotel and straight away went for darshan. We did the darshan from a distance as we didn’t book the Bhasm Aarti passes of which are available online. The Bhasm Aarti starts at 4 in the morning. Then we visited different mandirs of Ujjain. It was really mesmerising to see such historical temples. We also visited the Mahakal Lok which was inaugurated by [Prime Minister Narendra] Modi Ji. It was very beautiful. There you feel like you are living in Shiv Ji's time. You get to see how Shiv Ji used to live and his different avatars. The architecture is just wow. Ujjain has the vibe of Shiv Ji. With the help of one our Pandit Ji in Mumbai we were able to get inside the Mahakal Mandir and saw him closely. There is a rule that if you want to touch the shivling then you have to wear a sari and guys have to wear a dhoti or else you aren’t allowed. We knew this and were prepared for it. We did the milk and water, Abhishek. The moment I touched the shivling, I felt an energy within myself and everything stopped around me. It was a dream come true for me. When we came out of the temple, the whole day we felt so pure and were smelling divine. The power was so pure, I felt so peaceful,” she shares.

Everything felt divine inside the temple, according to the actor. “No matter how long you stand in the line, you don’t feel tired because there are mantra japs going on and you feel relaxed and peaceful. It’s worth it. There is so much to discover in our culture, I feel,” she adds.

She also praises the locals and their helping nature. “People in Indore are very helpful. If you ask them anything, they are always ready to help. Those three days were amazing, and we were full of energy. We ate at local dhabas and had so much fun. After Ujjain, we went to Omkareshwar and Ganesha temple. Our driver really guided us well, and we ate some really good local food. Kal Bhairav temple was also amazing. I feel there is no need to plan beforehand. You should just go to Ujjain, and you will be guided where to visit; everything is so nicely made and special. There is a street called Chappan where you get a variety of food. There are 56 shops, and everything is so different compared to other stalls. The beauty of Ujjain is the temples, and you would be mesmerised by the handmade stuff. You must visit the Shiv Dham, and you will be amazed to see the art and creativity,” she says.

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