Starry Takes

Sneak Peak Contest

We are back with some more surprises and fun... Guess who these actors/actresses are, but this time have to guess the movie names too!

Published: Tuesday,Mar 16, 2010 12:50 PM GMT-06:00
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The newest craze in B-Town is being four-eyed!!!
Branded Diors and Guccis have been replaced by a range of smart think plastic rims, in all colors, shapes and sizes - giving birth to a generation of B-Geeks!

Our celebs love sporting them in real or reel life!
Join BollyCurry as we take a sneak peak at our lovable Geek-Gods.

We anticipate guessing the star will be a piece-of-cake, but guessing the movie is what is going to separate the good from the best!!!

So what are you waiting for? Get going... and get Geeky!

If the frame is playing trick, look at them tell tale eyes - do we not know them, oh-so-well!

Featured Video

Glasses were not where the geek-act of this character ended - but you already figured, eh?!

Of those multiple avatars donned, this one was SPECS-tacular!

Smart folks look like me... or was it me like them...?

Tryin' to look like Daddy, I played him, didn't I?!

Good looking? - always, anyways!

Zero-size... Zero-number... my brand: Zero-trend!

Shades out, taints in!

This is how I remind you, of who I really am... the shy boy-next door!

Glam Sham!

Say Gee-K-Z, Say ME!


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