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Apara Mehta is petrified of snakes. But such is the story of "Saat Phere" that reptiles are common on the sets.


Apara Mehta is petrified of snakes. But such is the story of "Saat Phere" that reptiles are common on the sets. All was well till the slithery creatures were kept away from Apara. But when a particular scene required her to share screen space with them, Apara simply refused to shoot. After much coaxing, she agreed on the condition that the snakes didn't come near her. Yet, at the eleventh hour her fear took over and she fled the site. The producers had no option but to cancel the shoot.

Apara calls herself a veteran in the industry and likes experimenting with roles. Then does such immature behavior suit her stature? The actress needs to toughen up if she really wishes to set an example.


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Apara Mehta

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siumi 2007-09-28T05:30:58Z Wow she's has turn 78 *touch wood*.
I hope we got to hear her many more years.
Neetusxm 2007-08-22T15:35:55Z veteran or no veteran..i wud run from the site of a
and its common that this slimy things come on the set...omg im just horrified reading it
pomegranate 2007-08-17T22:33:05Z depends on what the actress is comfortable with. it's not that she's immature
Pori 2007-08-17T22:00:49Z i dun think thts immature
thnx for the article
umi82990 2007-08-17T15:14:27Z Good article/pictures.
Enjoyed it.


I don't blame her!!!
mumpet 2007-08-17T14:30:59Z
i don't blame is scare of something.....what is so immature about that?
Yuvika_15 2007-08-17T12:31:18Z lol..i dont blame sure theres many people out there who r scared of
~nikki~ 2007-08-17T12:27:41Z poor apara
damn m scared of dis snakes too
soni2004 2007-08-17T11:43:11Z whoever said she needs to toughen up is stupid. fearing things like snakes is's a psychological thing. some fear snakes so much that they break down while even looking at a picture. this fear has nothing to do with being a professional, veteran or age. Whoever said that toughen up crap needs to think before they be rude.
gk_09 2007-08-17T10:17:03Z Everyone is scared of something and Aparna is scared of snakes! That doesnt mean shes immature..!
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