Smita Bansal goes down memory lane...

The festivities during Sughna's 'Gauna' in Balika Vadhu remind Smita Bansal of her marriage...

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The celebration on the sets of COLORS' Balika Vadhu is on with the gauna of Sughna (Anandi's sister-in-law) to take place. The sequence is beautifully shot in Jaipur at a place called Chowki Dhani with lavish sets and traditional rituals of Rajasthan.

'Gauna' a tradition followed in Rajasthan where the girl is married at an early age but goes to stay with her husband later on is the special ceremony which is now the focus in Balika Vadhu.

For Smita Bansal aka Sumitra, the grandeur reminded her of her wedding.  "The festivities reminded me of my wedding as it took place in Chowki Dhani. It was almost the same environment during Sughna's wedding and gauna".

Smita adds on. "The set had literally everything. The elephants and horses made of clay were brought and painted too. Rajasthani pots and handicrafts were decorated beautifully. Rajasthani culture is beautiful and it feels great to have such a get-up on our sets too".

Going down the memory lane, the actress quips, "Even during my wedding, there were puppet shows at one corner, typical Rajasthani dance on the other side when our phere was taking place. This time again, it was lively and colorful and Sughna was looking gorgeous and adorable. My heart went out for her".

"Sughna's wedding can be said as a lavish wedding ever done on small screen. Our family in the show is supposed to be rich, and we had to show the richness in the occasion too", she concludes.

Sphere Origins did not leave a stone unturned in bringing out the best for this occasion..

Now let's see what the viewers have to say about the grand celebrations!!

Reporter and Author: Rachana Trivedi


Smita Bansal

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*Shruti* 11 years ago Feeling so bad for Sughna & her family. Maasa will blame Phooli for Pratap''s death :(
Priana 11 years ago This content is hidden.
darthdevidem 11 years ago This is so weird....so the gauhna happens then pratap dies.....I thought he died before it as his bus crashes
CeruleanSky 11 years ago Even I thought that this time the scenes look even more authentic than they usually do....because they''ve even showed the food being cooked in those big enclosures ,the strings of light , huge kadhais ....it looks like a real wedding !!!

Too bad Pratap ''s going to die....: (
fly2me 11 years ago i love her and the show.
ritiji 11 years ago this is not right.....they show that upsagun thing and now her husband gonna die....are they trying to portray that Phuli is upsagun ??? for me it is ridiculous...i hope they come up with something good.....
kads_8302 11 years ago thanx ... sugna is really looking beautiful.... but this is temp... b/c her husband is going to die... me sad...
Jasmine... 11 years ago she is right..and the best of example of Rajashtani wedding ws Juhi''s wedding...!!!
dkmystery 11 years ago yes, rajasthani weddings are full of grandeur and balika vadhu has brought this realistically!
Nisha_90 11 years ago thnx but poor suguna.her husband will die na.sad
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