'Smartest players in the house are Zulfi and Payal - Sambhavna Seth

Sambhavna Seth who got evicted last week from the Bigg Boss house talks of her experiences, politics played by the inmates and more...

After spending seven weeks with different people in the Bigg Boss house, the feisty and bindaas girl, Sambhavna Seth was evicted from the house last week.

In conversation with Telly Buzz, Sambhavna shares her experiences and opinions about living in the house along with the rest of the inmates.


How does it feel to be out of the house after a whole 7 weeks?

It feels great. I haven't seen anyone else's faces apart from the inmates of the house. I felt like I was in a jail and am very glad to be out of it. I am very happy.


Share your experiences of living in the house.

There were many ups and downs of living in the house. My experience was good as well as bad. I enjoyed the tasks given to me by Bigg Boss as well as the weekly tasks. The best thing was that all the decisions made by Bigg Boss were final and there couldn't be any argument over it. The people living in the house were of different nature and it was all about learning how to cope and live with them. My worst experience was in spite of the fact that I cooked for everyone in the house, yet they used to bad mouth me. I learned a lot of lessons living in that house.


What do you have to say about the situation between you and Payal?

I knew right from the first day that Payal was nominating me for elimination every week. My tiff started with her when she accused me of being down market and cheap. Throughout the show, she kept telling the inmates that she was educated and a soft spoken girl. But all anyone could hear her saying was bad words. She kept saying that she was here for an image change and directors would see her in a new image. She always implied that I was doing C-grade movies but on the contrary, it is she who has done majority of C-grade movies. She is the queen of C-grade movies.


Did you play politics in the house too?

Yes, I played a lot of politics too. But it was only with certain people. I was very loyal towards Ahsanji and Raja and Diana to a certain extent. When Raja was nominated in the first week, I told everyone that he is a nice person. But he started planning games against me and I got pissed with him. I think the smartest players in the house are Zulfi and Payal.


What made you take up a show like Bigg Boss?

I never did this show for an image change. I did this show mainly for my father as he wanted to see me in a daily show on television. When I received the offer, he asked me to accept it. I knew that this show would make me popular.


According to you, who will win Bigg Boss?

I think Rahul. He is very smart and cunning. He has been very popular right from day one. I sometimes think he is actually the Bigg Boss. In the first week, when I entered the house he asked me how long I plan to remain and I got upset saying who he was to question me. He replied saying that he had already planned everything right from the voting to the eliminations before entering the house.


Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair

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Sambhavna Seth

Comments (13)

thr shud be a petition agaionst rahul
it seems so planned

15 years ago

how can anybody even listen to wat shes sayin..shes repulsive..payal only does wat rahul tells her and zul does not look like he can even hurt a fly...

15 years ago

loved how sam said payal is the queen of the C grade moves ROFL

15 years ago

i so agree with her about the payal thing! from the first nomination she had been nominating sambhavna! and calling her those stuff! when the real down market and cheap is not sambhavna but payal herself! ughhhhh i hate payal!....lol
i hope she gets out of the house this week!

15 years ago

Rahul used to be the jka of the house...but im not too sure anymore...
I hate Payal...How is she still in there? :S

15 years ago

@vaish:The Federation of Western India Cine Employees went on strike as a result all the shows shooting was called off. Shilpa & Pooja decided against going to the Bigg Boss house in Lonavala so as to lend their support to the FWICE strike.

15 years ago

but yaar.........she wasn't given any aakhri salam toooooooooo??? very bad BB production team

15 years ago

Sam way to go girl...I am begining to think she was telling truth all along....come back chica...cuz I know u can give Rahul run for his money...

15 years ago

i think zulfi will win... rahul is only in the lime light... real game player is zulfi....

15 years ago

sambhavna is out? i dont get to see bigg boss these days.. rahul seems more likely to win!

15 years ago

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