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Small screen's Bal Ganesha to play 'Captain Tiao' on Disney Channel

Bal Ganesh aka Sadhil Kapoor is all set to feature in Disney Channel’s talk show as Captain Tiao.

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Child actor Sadhil Kapoor who has won millions of hearts through his portrayal of the mischievous Bal Ganesha on Life OK, will soon be seen as 'Captian Tiao' on a talk show on Disney Channel.

The eight year old kid who has been a part of numerous television shows and commercials will now interview famous personalities in his cute and innocent way on the show.

According to sources, Sadhil's interest in the show was heightened by the show's unique concept of asking numerous questions to satisfy one's curiosity, which he could relate to as a kid who is also full of queries all the time.

Sadhil Kapoor Disney Channel  Life OK 

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hjp180785 7 years ago Katrina is No 1 actress in bollywood & most beautiful, sophie is not even 0.00001% of Katrina !!
Funny to compare !!
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-Preeti- 10 years ago hahahaha
this is Funnny ...anyways good observation
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s_daya79 10 years ago Neither - this dress looks like its from a sci-fi movie or from star wars!
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** L.U.S.H **
** L.U.S.H ** 10 years ago sophies too curvy for the dress and she doesnt suit dresses like that she looks nice in long flowy grecian type dresses and kat looks aweosme always with most minimum makeup
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stranger.67 10 years ago Kat look the same in everything!!!so cannot judge her...but sc looking good!!!
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imagine-addict 10 years ago the dress looks like something out of star wars or star trek. Lol. They should both be charged by the fashion police for wearing such an ugly dress.
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Nitzzzy 10 years ago SC looks a lil like Kim Kardashian but kat looks better i have to say <33
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tulipbaby53 10 years ago The dress is ugly, but you cannot compare the pics because one is a photoshoot pic and the other is candid.
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-Urvi- 10 years ago I personally don't like the dress, full stop. But I'd say they've both pulled it off quite well.
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DheeJattanDi 10 years ago OMG lmfaooo pleasee dont compare Kat with that girl :| ofcourse KAT looks better in any dress than herrrr :) Kattt <3
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