'Slow is just a Pace' - Rucha Gujrathi

Rucha Gujrathi wows Longie for dancing in high heels to a slow song... Catch all the excitement as the third team takes to the floors today in Sahara One's Saas V/s Bahu...

Dancing on a slow song is indeed quite difficult as it gives little chance to show the moves and grooves!!

But for Rucha Gujrathi, ‘Slow is just a pace’ and she grooved brilliantly to the ‘Yeh Raat’ number and that too, wearing high heels in Sahara One's unique reality show, Saas V/s Bahu... The judge cum instructor Longie was very much impressed by her performance, but Rucha had a very unassuming attitude as she says, “Yes, Yeh Raat is a very slow number, but there was a lot of activity in the song. I had to dance on the chair; there was a lift and many tough steps too”.

But Longie who had been a witness to her rehearsals immediately quips, “She may want to make it sound simple, but the fact is that she struggled with it quite a lot during rehearsals. On one occasion, she had to keep one leg on the chair and balance it and before she knew, she lost her balance and fell along with the chair quite hard!. But Rucha took everything sportingly and joined in to laugh when she saw everyone around her laugh when she fell”.

However, Rucha did have the final laugh when she was awarded very good marks by the judges, and also was complimented for her fabulous performance!!

Way to go, Rucha!!

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It is just a movie for entertainment and should be considered that way. Why all this comotion and keep away ppl who wants to enjoy it. I am glad ban is lifted

15 years ago

Rucha just rocked with her performance. When her hat dropped she made it look like an act & then she wore it back with style.

15 years ago

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