Sky Walker talks about Bigg Boss and the 'WOMEN' in his life!

In conversation with Sky Walker aka Akashdeep Saigal...

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Sky Walker (Akashdeep Saigal) better known as the evilAnsh of Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, is returning to TV after along gap with Life Ok show Maharaja Ranjit Singh. Here, he talks about the same, his career, Bigg Boss and last but not the least women in his life.

What is your character in Maharaja Ranjit Singh?

This is my second historical/mytho.Prior to this, I had done Ekta Kapoor's Mahabharat ( 9X). It is an interesting subject and nobody has dealt with it the way these guys have planned things. It is an honour to be a part of this. I am playing the very strong antagonist Peer Mohamad, with who the show begins. I would have loved to play the lead as he is a peer. But then at least I am a part of the show.

Do you think talented senior actors are now again getting their due on the tube?

When the recession happened, many actors who were charging huge amounts were forced to save their dignity and stop working for there was a money crunch. In my case, it was more out of choice, I first wanted to do films then my mom passed away and I lost interest.

Do you not feel the break was too long given the out of sight is out of mind thing?

Not really. For around three to four years back, I did my last reality show Bigg Boss, where I was quite notorious. Also, alot much was happening in the industry, so I was not missed much except by my fans, but I am back now with a big bang. Though I was out of sight, I was not out of mind, for on and off stuff has been written about my relationship and other things.

Good that you talked about Bigg Boss. What do you feel about the controversies that abound this Colors show?

This reality show sells on controversial stuff like sex and fight. Let's face, it we all like our voyeuristic content. It is human nature to watch fights even if you are getting late for an important assignment, but if you see a fight on the road you will risk earning, your boss's wrath but wait to find out more.
Please go on...

If you look at it carefully in effect, each episode is only 45 minutes, rest is commercial time and if thought about it, if you have 20 contestants, how much screen time will each finally get? So the one who ends up giving masala inadvertently get noticed. In hindsight, I have to admit that this psychological show takes away a part of every contestant when they leave.

Is it rigged?

I repeat it is not, having said that everybody's character is pre-decided. If I play a bad guy in fiction, it is easy to paint me as same on the show. Here, editors play God and it is really interesting to see how it unfolds. Living inside the house for 24 hours, they know our mindset, The tasks are engineered in the such a way that you end up doing what they want. They just wait for you to snap. Having said that,let's be clear, I totally oppose what Swami Om did, you can't disrespect women.

How do you see your career?

I have been blessed to work with Balaji. People still remember my suave character in Kyon KI.

What is your relationship status and what has your past taught you?

I am single. One needs to be honest, humble and more understanding. My respect for women has increased. Here, I would like to especially mention Pooja Bedi, who I met during his Bigg Boss stint and that she taught me a lot about life. I will be forever grateful for the same.

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Comments (6)

The story of the movie is fail to connect the audience but the songs of the movie are good.

6 years ago

Why does he always bring up Big Boss in every interview? Everytime there's a project coming out he brings up BB. How have you moved on? It's not like you weren't paid. Please grow up

7 years ago

He(Ram charan) didnt even know how to act in telugu movies.. He is trying to act in Bollywood.. Ohh pity ram.. Fr u its better to cm back from bollywood..

10 years ago

Will watch it for Sanjay Dutt alone. I'm sure he will be the saving grace and he is always brilliant.

10 years ago

Thats the thing i always hated in south movies, they get the concept of "hero" in a wrong way, Hero is not the one who punches everybody for silly reason and romance a pretty face...for a south indian star, it might work in south, but for a larger audience, its the concept, script and acting that matters more than hero worshiping

10 years ago

nothing special to watch in this movie, as its disgusting one here, not so exciting to watch up...

10 years ago

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