Six packs is like a graduation certificate for actors -Mukul Chhablani

Mukul Chhablani who plays Monty in Sony's Meet Mila De Rabba talks of his fitness regime and his thoughts on six pack abs..

What does Fitness mean to you?
Fitness is not only about a good looking body, but also a body which is very healthy.

Are you a Fitness freak, and how do you go about your daily schedule when it comes to keeping your body fit?
Well, I am not exactly a fitness freak. However, I believe in keeping my body healthy and fit. I try and involve myself in any rigorous activity for at least thirty minutes in a day which keeps me fit.

Do you workout regularly?
The hectic shooting schedules do not give me the time to work out regularly, but I try to make some time for workout, at least four times in a week.

What do you work with in the gym?
My workout involves both muscle training and cardio.

Do you go for brisk walks too?
Brisk walks are the best stress busters. I love going for evening walks, but I hardly get a chance to do that because of my busy schedule.

Who according to you is your idol when it comes to fitness?

No one.

Do you work out on your abs?
Yes I do.

What is your thought on the recent trend of six pack abs?

It's become like a graduation certificate for actors these days, whether it's the big or the small screen.

Will you ever want to attain it?

Of course, I am very close to attaining it.

Does diet play an important role in being fit?

I believe that diet is important as it compliments your work outs. Good food intake helps you be healthy and active.

Would you like to go shirtless in shows like many other actors?

Why not??(smiles). I have a great body and I m proud of it. I would love to show it to all.

Whose body do you like when it comes to Bollywood stars?

Most actors are fit and fine on the big screen. But Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt are the people who have always had a great physique and they maintain themselves perfectly.

Any regrets you have when it comes to your physique?

No regrets, in fact I am proud to have a good physique today. I was a chubby teenager, and I have worked hard, to get to this place (smiles)

Do you want to better your physique in the coming years?
Who wouldn't? The betterment process never ends

Your message to readers on fitness.
Eat right, work out right!!

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair

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Comments (3)

i completely agree with you we cant blame srk shahid john mukul or any1 for that matter because i wanna see actors with sexy body i persnally dont want any ugly n fat actors on tv or films...
thanks for d article.

14 years ago

I do not exactly agree with you.. today, channels, creatives, Directors have become such that they want their actors to just look good.. we have to admit that our industry has actors who cant even act, so many leads, are not up to the mark, but they make it thru just b/c they look good.. this guy looks good, i havent seen his shows, so i cant comment on his acting.. nothing wrong with this comment, infact he''s such shown the mirror..
but seriosuly, how can we term, SRK, Shahid Kapoor, John, Anand, Mukul, etc as Toporis.. they are doing what they suppose to do.. right???
Nice article.. and lets all aim for a healtier body..

14 years ago

dats a cute pic of him..but hes ryt...six packs r lyk a graduation certificate in bollywood dese dyzz...its realli annoying ..talent goes amiss alto1 :(..but no1 can beat PERFECT bodies..dere r 3 guyz w/ dat perfect body..n dey hve 2 b SHAHID KAPOOR,HUSSAIN,N KSG! <3 dey r not over packed or tihn..dey hve da perfect body..according 2 me! :P lolz..n also lyked his sying the betterment proccess never ends :D

14 years ago

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