'Sitaron Ko Choona Hai' and 'Ninja Pandav' on REAL

REAL brings to you two new shows - Sitaron Ko Choona Hai and Ninja Pandav...

Keeping in tune with its positioning of providing a distinctive and fresh alternative to India viewers, REAL, the brand new Hindi entertainment channel by Real Global Broadcasting Pvt. Ltd. (RGBPL), recently announced two new shows – Sitaron Ko Choona Hai, an indigenously developed reality show based in a music academy, which will create singing sensations out of untapped talent. Ninja Pandav, a youthful martial arts saga about five teen experts on a mission to save the world from destruction. Also, starting March 9th, viewers can watch Sarkaar Ki Duniya – Andekhe Pal from Monday to Friday at 11 pm, a special episode with uncut and unseen moments, away from the watchful eye of the Sarkaar! These shows reiterate REAL's proposition of providing a unique blend of fiction and reality programming across all days of the week.

Announcing the two new shows, Sunil Lulla, Director, Real Global Broadcasting Pvt. Ltd said "At REAL, our priority is to effectively deliver on our positioning of providing an entertainment alternative that is dramatically differentiated, yet relevant and aspiring to Indian viewers. With Sitaron Ko Choona Hai, Ninja Pandav and Sarkaar Ki Duniya – Andekhe Pal, our original programming will increase to three and a half hours with a dynamic blend of fiction and reality shows. "

Sitaron Ko Choona Hai, will start from March 9th and will air every Monday to Thursday at 8 pm.  An indigenously developed reality show based in a music academy, the show will create singing sensations out of untapped talent.

Twelve young and talented singers follow a harsh daily regimen under the strict tutelage of a disciplinarian Head of the Academy. The head of the Academy is the blunt and straight forward Raghu Ram of the MTV Roadies fame To help them on this journey, the Head brings a faculty that helps them in their journey to become Stars.. Accompanying Raghu are singer and performer, Neha Bhasin of the Viva fame and voice coach Prashant Samadhar. Together, the trio will guide the 12 hopefuls in realizing their full potential at the academy.

Created by Miditech, the show will have all the thrill and excitement, delight and sadness experienced by contestants as they set out on their individual journeys to become well rounded music maestros. Says Raghu Ram, "Sitaron Ko Choona Hai is about real people, real emotions and a real metamorphosis that leads to a magnificent musical extravaganza where all the contestants will showcase their talent to the nation. It's an opportunity of a lifetime for most contestants. "

Ninja Pandav will be a weekly show starting March 13 and will air every Friday at 8 pm. In the classic tale of good vs. evil, the five teen heroes use their unique traits to create a gripping fantasy drama set in contemporary times. Chased by the Black Ninjas, the five Pandavs flee their Himalayan monastery and find shelter in Mumbai where they have to adjust to the strange city life whilst keeping their true identities a secret. Their mission is to protect the all powerful 'Prism' from the evil designs of Alambush, and reinstate it in its rightful place in the Himalayas. The five pandavs have been played by a group of extremely talented youngsters. The youngest member, Nakul is played by Sahil Deshmukh, Arjun's role is essayed by Vishal Thakkar, Sahyadari's role by the delightful Pooja Pihal, Satya is played by Sumeet Pathak and Ghattu is played by Jay Thakkar. The evil Alam-Bush is played by Nawab Shah. The show has been produced by Miditech.

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I just love Raghu in this show, the concept behind the show is pretty different than ordinary musical talent hunt shows, REAL has done something really different and real.. great show..

15 years ago

Raghu of Rodies fame
this dude is gonna give thema tough time

15 years ago

Ninja pandav reminds me power rangers...

15 years ago

Raghu Ram on REAL?
judging a singing reality show?!

15 years ago

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