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Sirf Tum's Vivian Dsena: If you troll someone, it means that they have something that you don't

Vivian Dsena spoke to India Forums during a quick chat about how trolling someone means that they need a job in life and they might as well be jealous of the ones they are trolling.

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Vivian Dsena

Vivian Dsena is known to always be straight forward and be to the point. While the actor has always been thankful to his fans and expresses the same in all of his interviews, he has also been rather upfront about his approach on social media and what he feels about trolls. During a conversation with India Forums, Vivian also mentioned how such people need a job because trolling others has a different connotation.

Ask him about filtering out negativity and dealing with trolls, the Sirf Tum actor quips, ''I am the least active person in the entire industry when it comes to social media. But for trolls, I want to say that if you are trolling someone, you are really free in life to go and look at somebody and then make a meme on it, so they need to find a job because this is for entertainment, and most importantly, if you troll someone, then it means that they have something that you don't and you don't like it.'

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Well, it is safe to say that there is no beating around the bush with the actor, and visible so. Currently seen as Ranveer in Sirf Tum, the actor has received a lot of love for his performance and the show has managed to garner decent TRPs since it first went on air.

Sirf Tum also features Eisha Singh in the lead role and has in fact, been in the news on multiple occasions. Dsena had spoke to us about the show being a remake of Kabir Singh too, and revealed how it is not possible to turn a 2 and a half hour film into so many episodes.

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IndominusRex 1 months ago Selling fake philosophy is so comman nowadays. "If you troll some one ......." bla bla . Does this guy even know what he is speaking. Blabbering just about anything and passing it as some kind of 'wisdom'.
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priya185 1 months ago Good luck Vivian Dsena for sirf tum
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Fearless_Lover 1 months ago Best of luck VD
Keep doing good work
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evrydayirabbave 1 months ago I love how straight to the point he is, just no nonsense at all. But i must say, the show is not like Kabir Singh, nor is his character. For w.e reason they keep advertising it as so but one of the biggest differences between Ranveer and KS is that Ranveer respects women. Vivian's right, you can't turn that movie into a show with many episodes - you can take some inspo, but that's about it
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RAGHVIFAM 1 months ago This one quality is his best jo v bolo dil se bolo I feel proud to be a fan of VD 👏
And totally loving him as Ranveer in sirf tum because whatever they did show in the promo he far different from that Ranveer is nowhere near to toxic guy... He is sensible, respect women and knows what right and wrong
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Ziva01 1 months ago Well VD is VD😎😁💕❤

Loving his new character Ranveer Oberoi 🥰😍❤...he is no where toxic dunno y PH and channel are promoting him as a toxic one 🤬😡...he is so sensible, understanding and compassionate😍🥰💕

May VD achieve more heights with his new show Sirf Tum...a lovely one...
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Palak2812 1 months ago Not watching this one

But have always liked the way he has been honest with the way he speaks and respects his fans soo much even after not much involved with them
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SnowWhite_97 1 months ago He is a gem of a person. Proud to be a fan of him. Still his character RK mera favorite hai 🤧
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Vivirti_Suvian2 1 months ago Reason i love Vivian Dsena he just talk his heart out shares clear cut point and I'm happy VD not much into social media i know interactions are less with fans but as VDian i feel thats best thing

As a VD fan i always love and support him and i wish he keep smile like this and his positive attitude towards everything is appreciable
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